Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sewing Withdrawal

I have been out of town since Tuesday and am suffering from sewing/quilting machine withdrawal.

ES scrapsHowever, on Monday, knowing I wouldn’t be able to stitch a stitch for awhile, I put this little leftover piece from Easy Street on the frame and quilted it.  Then I cut it in half (two little pieces)

ES Mug RugsAnd made these: two great mug rugs.

travel foodThe next morning I filled my car with travel food and hit the road for a visit with my mother.

Home Sweet HomeI got a very nice hotel room and decorated it with one of my favorite quilts.

017I even have a sitting room where I am using one of my new mug rugs (hidden on the side table).

Ha HaAnd in the bathroom I found this.  Now I have never taken towels but apparently others have since this card was prominently displayed.

For two days Mother and I have visited, shopped and fed our faces.  We have laughed a lot and even spent some time with her doctor, who smiled and laughed along with us.  It has been fun but both of us are very tired.

Right now I am getting my things packed so I can leave early tomorrow morning.  And hopefully I will be able to rest enough to be able to get some sewing done soon.  Sewing withdrawal can be really tough.


Jill said...

Your mug rugs are so cute! How lucky you are to live within driving distance of your mother; my parents live a 4-hour flight away from me. Happy sewing this weekend.

Kate said...

Very cute mug rugs.

Sounds like you had a wonderful visit with your mother. Hope you get in some stitching time later today.