Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday Morning

Design Wall?  What’s a design wall?  I haven’t even seen mine for a week but if I remember right, it is empty.  I did show my last finish in this post but then I hit the road for a great visit with my mother, also written about on my last post.
Then we went to the Arts Festival in Fairhope, AL.  It is an annual affair that we try to get to every year but had to miss last year. 
The first place we went was where I got these:  festival 2013 buys

The yellow and green ones are overalls (my 4th and 5th ones)  I had been buying one every year so I had to make up for being AWOL last year.  The lucky thing was that they were both last year’s models so they were on sale.  And, because I am a regular customer and “quite cute” they gave me the orange t-shirt.  Anyway, my overall wardrobe has been enhanced.

new chairs
We also bought two of these chairs.  We bought a couple about 25 years ago and used them until they fell apart.  We were really excited when we ran into the people who make them so we could finally replace the old ones.  These are very comfortable and will be greatly appreciated this summer.

festival 2013 earrings
Lastly, I picked up these earrings.  I try to buy new earrings whenever we attend arts shows because I like having original and handmade items, if possible.  And, since I collect owls, these were just perfect.  They are brass coated with a copper finish: I am looking forward to them being my “go to” jewelry. 

Now, I must get off this computer and see if I can’t get something made so I can fill up my design wall for next Monday.  Open-mouthed smile


Rhonda said...

I see you have a great time and purchased some wonderful items!!

Ruth said...

Enjoy your mom visits. Mine died last May, and boy, do I ever miss her.

Bonnie said...

Fun things to see here even if they aren't quite quilt related. I didn't get much done that was quilt related this week either....

Chris said...

Such fun adventures. The little earrings are adorable.

Sue Daurio said...

Free t-shirt, how cool is that!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the earings.

Rhonda said...

It sounds like a fun day at the Arts Festival. Love the earrings!

Kate said...

Fun overalls and earrings. Sounds like you had a great time. Looking forward to seeing what goes up on your blank design wall.

Bunny said...

Wow looks like you had fun treating yourself love the overalls and that chair looks comfy. It is always fun to go to creative shows.
Love your header.