Monday, March 25, 2013

Nothing but BOMs

001My design wall today is devoted to  Carol Doak’s Mystery BOM blocks.  I have moved these blocks so many times I get confused.  And it isn’t easy because these are paper pieced, with the paper still on, and they don’t stick to the wall like regular blocks. 

layout 2This was the wall on Saturday.  Not a lot of change but enough to make me happier. 

After I finished rearranging the blocks I spent some time planning the quilting what will become some very large negative spaces.  This is kind of me sticking my toe into the modern quilt “fad” but not making a real commitment.  Anyway, today I hope to cut the cream fabric to fill in the blanks and then begin sewing the blocks together.  I plan 3 small borders and then it will be ready to get into the queue for quilting.

owls 1 & 2I also got the second of the FatCatPattern Owls done or at least finally fused onto the background fabric.

I also did the applique stitching on the three FCP fish that we have gotten so far this year.

fine drivingI had planned to get a lot of the above sewing done Sunday but it was a beautiful day (sun and 84F) so when DH suggested we go for a drive and get some yogurt at Chills, off we went.  It was a wonderful afternoon of warm sunshine and the wind in my hair.

And now I need to make up some of that really fun time by getting some blocks sewn together, some borders put on a couple of quilt tops, and piece a backing so I can get another quilt on the frame.  Oh, and I also need to bind the quilt I finished last week. 

My, that’s a lot to do.  Maybe I’ll go lie down first.  Angel


~Kris~ said...

The fabric in your paper pieced blocks is just gorgeous. This will be so beautiful when put together. I love everyone of the blocks. I am jealous of your temperature. We are still snow covered.

Rhonda said...

What a great paper piece project. Love the arrangement with the Geese blocks pointing toward the star block in the center. Oh, the owl is so cute.
You had 80 degree weather....WOW...... it's 34 degrees here in central Texas in late March.....very unusual but I think it's that cold snap before Easter.....sigh!

Jill said...

Your Mystery BOM blocks are gorgeous! I love the arrangement. I'm also jealous of your warm's 29 degrees here with a few flurries.

Bonnie said...

Those blocks look fabulous. You sure get a lot done. I spend too much time goofing off! Enjoy the sun and think of we who have snow on the ground. Yes, in central Virginia we have 3 to 4" of snow on the ground. AND it's late March. The cherry trees were beginning to bloom, the daffodils are up. And, snow. Yuck. On to the long arm.

Quilter Kathy said...

So much fun going on at your place...enjoy!

Sylvia said...

This is going to be a lovely quilt! And how lucky you are that it was warm on Sunday, we had a high of 30 degrees!

Dar said...

Your paper pieced blocks are so pretty. This will be a beautiful "semi-modern" quilt. Your owls are cute too. We have 14 inches of new snow on the grown now, so it will be quite a long time before we can enjoy 80 degree weather, I'm afraid. Enjoy the warm temps.

Debbie said...

Both your quilts in progress are wonderful...looks like you had a great day to put the top down!

Kate said...

Love the owls, they are so fun to look at. Hope you made lots of progress on your too do list.