Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Little Studio Time

For some reason I made the decision to put in some time cleaning in the studio.  And I actually found the top of the cutting table on Wednesday.  I don’t think I had seen it for a month so I got really excited.  I got so excited that I wound up cutting the fabric for the last of the Carol Doak BOM blocks.  In fact, I was so excited that I forgot to take a picture of that last block.

Doak blocksBut  here are all of them (except for 3 of the little corner blocks).  This is not how I plan to set them but I did want to see them all together.  This weekend I will be cutting the 6.5x12 plain strips that will act as sashing between the blocks and then we will begin to see how this quilt wants to look.

owl 2 Today I worked on Owl #2 of the FatCatPattern BOM.  I have collected several fabrics to audition for each owl: I have filled 2.5 plastic bins.  It is funny how long it takes me to decide what fabrics to use and where.  Anyway, so far I have made 2 owls but I have not put them on the background fabric, they are residing on wax paper, waiting for me to get on the stick and cut their “home” fabric.

The last thing I worked on this week was to start the applique stitch on the fish blocks.  fish 2

Look at all those in and out spaces.  It took quite a while to go around everything but I got this one done.

003I just have to share what I think is going to be a bloom on my Christmas Cactus.   I bought this last December and it has stayed very healthy (a first for me).  And this week I saw this bud, actually I have two of them).  I have never been able to keep one of these alive let alone have it re-bloom so I am very excited. 

Lake LidhAnd lastly I present Lake Lidh.  This is a little hollow that fills up with heavy each rain.  This time we had only one inch of rain and it was full again.  We have had a lot of rain this winter and the ground is soaked so it doesn’t take much to get a good puddle.  We are certainly not complaining, everything is green and growing.  Now if it would only warm up and stay warm.  I’m ready for some Spring/Summer.

Tomorrow there will be no sewing/quilting as it is DH's birthday.  He chose to go to Olive Garden and the movies: we will be seeing Jack, the Giant Killer in 3-D.  Can you tell he is going to be 72 years "young"?


Exuberant Color said...

Yes that looks like a good healthy bud on your cactus. I have several in the budding stage right now too.

I love your Carol Doak blocks.

Kate said...

Part of the fun of doing scrappy quilts for me is picking out the fabrics for each block. It may take me some time with each one, but it always feels like I've accomplished something when the block is done.

Happy birthday to Your Guy. Hope he had a happy one.