Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Owl Month

At least that’s what it seems like around here.  And what fun I have had.

finished block
This is what I worked on for the last two days.

trimming owl pieces

I drew all the little pieces and cut them out

owl parts

Three owls and lots of pieces.  I had them in separate baggies so they wouldn’t get mixed up.

setting plan
Then out came the layout plan.

growing owl family
And I started putting them together.  With almost every piece I found my smile getting bigger and bigger.

completed blocks
And now I have three owl blocks done.  I know that I have at least one more that I haven’t done and possibly two so I am really behind on this BOM. 

The hardest part of this BOM is picking the fabrics.  In my mind the owls will be mostly brown but I want each owl/block to be different.

cleaning up appliqued embroideryI also have gotten this embroidery/applique done.  This picture shows the tiger sewn on the shirt back and half of the background clipped away.  Since the picture was taken it is finished and packed away for the summer.

gardeniasThis is my picture of Summer.  I bought this gardenia plant at Walmart 5 years ago.  The first winter we had freezing weather and I was sure it was dead.  It has come back a little more each year but until now it has only had one or two blooms a year.  Now, all of a sudden, it is blooming like crazy and, wow, does it smell good. 

As of today we are cat/kitten free.  It has been quite a job moving four adult and 5 feral kittens out but they are finally gone.  The only problem we are seeing is that our dogs are bored when out on the deck.  They were used to chasing the cats and/or watching them through the spaces between the deck boards.  Now there is nothing and they just wander around and occasionally bark at a bird.  But on the other hand it is peaceful for us as the deck is a great reading space.  And, if someone has to be happy it needs to be the two of us.

Tomorrow I will finish the pool opening ready for a fun Memorial Day weekend.  We are a little behind because we had some really cool nights earlier this month.  It seemed to take a little more time for the water to warm up enough for me to get into it but now we are ready for rest and relaxation floating in the water.

end of pre-KToday was our great grandson’s last day of pre-K.  It is so hard to believe he is old enough to be going into Kindergarten in just 2 months.  He has been in a wonderful program that has him well prepared for his next few years in school.  We are all so proud of him.

And now we are ready for the rest of the week.  DH is teaching summer school and I have a to do list that should keep me busy.  Yea!


BillieBee (billiemick) said...

So cute!

Anonymous said...

First, what a beautiful baby!!!!!!!! I also love the owls, they are adorable!! They POP off the screen! I planted my gardenias last year late, but actually have a few to bloom, I hope I get more this year, but not yet.

I love to cut mine and float then in a shallow bowl, my grand mother always did that, it is such a wonderful scent!!

Faye said...

I LOVE your owls! They are fabulous

Heidi said...

Very wise family indeed, and perfect for What a Hoot's linky!

Fischtown Lady said...

Love your owls! Your fabric choice is wonderful!


Wendy said...

Loving those cute owls...they are just adorable...

Quilts, Cakes and Other Fun said...

I love seeing the baby photos change i show my husband every time she is so beautiful. I miss having a baby so much.

LynCC said...

Gari, your owls are gorgeous!! The fabrics on them turned out so wonderfully.