Monday, May 27, 2013

Blank Wall

Right now there is nothing on my design wall.  To see what I had there until Friday check out my last post here.
JRQAL ready to quilt
I have, however been busy. 

I belong to a Yahoo list, Homequiltingsystems, and their Frame Friday encourages me to keep something on my HQ.  So on Friday I put this QAL from two years ago on so I can get it ready to give as a comfort quilt. 

sudden stopI got everything loaded and set up and began quilting.

Then, suddenly, everything came to a stop and I couldn't move the machine forward.  I checked the wheels, if there was something on the track, if I had left something on the panto table, if a cord was caught up on something, and anything else I could think of. 

reason for stopAnd here is what I finally found.  The track on the carriage had moved.  Can you see how far off of the carriage it has gotten.  Only the back part of the track is off so the first part was still in place.  And, I couldn’t pick up the machine and move the tracks.  Besides, I would also need to figure out what to use to more permanently stick the track down before I put everything back.  So I packed it in for the night.

Saturday DH and I spent spending money at Lowes: pool supplies, plant supplies, weed eradicator supplies, and metal to metal glue.  Then we went home and glued.  The directions said to wait 24 hours before using so I spent some time stitching applique teapots.

back to quiltingSunday afternoon found me back to quilting.  Yea!

back quiltingI am really happy with how this is looking.

JEQAL pantoThis is the panto I am using. I like how it is showing up in the large white spaces and then seems to disappear when it comes to the blocks.  I am using a very soft pink.

Asian AstersHere is the name: it comes from Urbanelemtz. 

gardenia bushThis is my Walmart gardenia bush.  I am so happy with it as it almost died the first winter and now look at all those blooms.

gardenia beauty

Beauty and scent, what a wonderful combination that is greeting me every morning. 

And, of course, this is just above that beautiful bush.  Life is good.

Have a great week.


scraphappy said...

Sometimes an empty design wall is a sign of accomplishment. Your quilting turned or beautifully!

Nann said...

I looked closely at the off-carriage photo and I honestly couldn't detect what was wrong. I'm glad that you did, though, and were able to solve the problem! The panto is very pretty and doesn't it feel great to get a project done?!

Rhonda said...

Wow, your quilting is wonderful. I love that design you used. Hope you are enjoying this long holiday as much as I am even though I'm retired, it's still great.
Take care.

ANudge said...

Seeing that panto made me want a HQ, but there is no room for such a piece of equipment in my house. Beautiful work, Gari

Quilty Conscience said...

I love the panto! I wish I had an HQ. Are you happy with it? Sigh...some day! Toni

Judy D in WA said...

Sorry you had to solve a problem but looks like you did a great job at it! Love the panto. Applied to join the yahoo group. :) Love your gardenia and your know we are still in the rainy season, Rose Festival isn't over yet. :)

Rhonda R. said...

So glad you were able to fix your frame. The quilting on your quilt is beautiful.

Bonnie said...

Beautiful quilting -- it really goes well with your quilt. How frustrating re -- railing moving. How big a throat do you have. These pictures look like it is huge!

Kelly Young said...

beautiful, intricate quilting! glad your frame is fixed! that would send me in a tizzy for sure! :)

-Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation