Wednesday, May 29, 2013

BOMs Caught Up

Wow teapot
The last time I reported on teapot stitching I was in the middle of stitching this one.  And I am now calling this teapot the Wow Teapot because of all the curves.  I did complain to Rhonda but she just laughed at me.

Asian teapot
Then I stitched my Asian Teapot.  Look how much easier this one is.

easy stitching

not so easy
Not so easy

orange teapot
And the last one I got done was my Orange teapot.  And with that I am caught up, at least for 3 days.

DH will be home for the next 4 days but I am hoping that I will be able to spend some time quilting on the HQ as well as starting a new, to me, BOM (really every two weeks).  And I am anxiously waiting to see the two new BOMs Esther Aliu is planning on releasing soon.  Well, no wonder I have not been able to start a new piecing quilt, I am working full-time on BOMs.

Some like it hot.
But it has not been all work around here.  This was the puppies and me this afternoon.  I was having lunch on the deck while the puppies were “resting.”  I love our deck: it is such a peaceful place to spend time.

Of course we have one more restful spot in our yard and we are already enjoying it.  Here is DH demonstrating our technique.  There are no pictures of me in there: swimsuit pictures of me are NOT allowed.  In love

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Kate said...

Your teapots are turning out great. I'm in awe of your "Wow" teapot, very nicely done!