Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fun in the South

Halloween tablerunner
This is our Halloween table runner.  I am going to square it up and put it on the table, then I will bind if after Halloween. 

finished-hanging onIt just came off the frame just this morning.  I really enjoyed this McTavishing practice and, by the time it was done, felt a little better about my attempts.

Weave qui;ltedAlso off the frame is my Weave quilt. 

ready for bindingAnd now it, too, is ready for binding.  I plan to bind it with brown and it will be a charity/comfort quilt.

large meanderI quilted it with a large meander so it didn’t take too long.  But it didn’t get off the frame until the table runner was done.

the oneI also appliqued another owl.  I am amazed at how long it takes to do one of these: in, out, stop, start, and all that over and over again.

one of threeAnd here is the real problem: he is only the first of three in this block.  I have made 6 of the 18 blocks, with only 1 1/3rd appliqued.  I think I better get a move on if I want to see this completed.  I love owls and really want this quilt to reside on my bed.

second slipperI have been doing some knitting, too.  Here is slipper #2 and the heel is done: gusset coming up.  I also have done the heel and gusset of a second sock, first can be seen here, and I am well on my way through the foot.

Knitting BuddysThese were my knitting buddies to begin with, and

Buddy switchthen there was a switch.  Please note that the cat is still in place.  Although we are having cool mornings the afternoons have been very pleasant and perfect for swinging and knitting on the deck.

This coming weekend our grandson is getting married.  The wedding is about 50 miles from here in a somewhat remote area so I spent about 40 min. looking at maps trying to figure out how to get there.  And then a wonderful idea came to me.  There is a quilt show about 30 miles south of the wedding site.  If we go to the quilt show in the morning it will be really easy to get to the late afternoon wedding from there.  How about that!!  It looks like Saturday is going to be a really great day!

Hope you have fun, too.    gari


Margaret said...

I love your owl!
And your stitching friends!
I have been married 52 yrs, too, and have been doing applique about as long as you have been quilting--and have been retired for about the same length of time.

Janet said...

I love that sweet smiling header picture. OMG, she is so stinkin cute! Love the Halloween table runner---cool McTavishing! Comfy weave quilt--makes me want to snuggle with a book. Your owls just make me laugh. Such expressive faces--your fabric choices are so good. Have a fun week-end at the quilt show and wedding. How nice for there to be a quilt show so conveniently close by.

Jessica said...

I'm OBSESSED with that weaved quilt! One of my favorites! :)

Glenda said...

Oh Gari you sure have been busy, those owls have stolen my heart, they are delightful. Not sure how you are fitting every thing in, did you send your hubby away again??? LOL. I like the sound of Saturday have fun CHeers Glenda

A Nudge said...

I love your owl. I'd want that on my bed, too. You have been busy with some great project. Sounds like a win-win plan for Saturday - have fun!

Kate said...

Love the owls! Those are going to be so cute. Weave turned out nicely.

Enjoy the quilt show and the wedding. Hope you have pictures of both next week.