Sunday, October 27, 2013

What Design Wall?

002This is about as close as I can get this week.  Let me tell you why…..

Friday we decided it would be a good day to drive to Pensacola.  I had been “needing” some light bamboo #2 DPN needles and hadn’t been able to find them locally. 

P'cola purchases-knitLook at what all I found.  And, yes, I also found the needles I was wanting/needing.  Not only that but they came with this note:

#2 bamboo needlesCan you see what it says?  One extra needle and the opportunity to get two more if they brake.  Who ever heard of something like that?  I really appreciate that kind of customer service.

P'cola purchases-quiltI also visited my favorite fabric store.  I shopped for browns so I can get busy making more owls and then I ran into the striped fabric (I see binding for Weave) and the creamy orange that I have no idea what I will use it for. 

It was a fun and long day so we went to bed early in preparation for Saturday.

044Then on Saturday we attended a local Quilt Show (sorry, no pictures) and then went to our grandson’s wedding.

stage is setThe ceremony was held at a small lake, on the pier/pavilion.  What a perfect setting.  The men wore cream shirts, brown vests, jeans and cowboy boots.  The bridesmaids wore really nice brown dresses and cowboy boots.  Everybody had a great time.

Now, why no Design Wall?  Well, first there is this:

Brown Dapple Doxie
This is Sherlock, a rescue Dapple Daschund who came to live with us on Sunday afternoon.  We adopted him 3 weeks ago but his health was bad and wasn’t ready to come home with us until Sunday. 

Sherlock & SadieHe has already made friends with Sadie, who is just about the same size, only fatter.  It seems it will take a little longer for Abby to warm up to him. 

The second reason why there is no Design Wall is that just before we went to get Sherlock, the door fell off of my Studio.  Yes, FELL OFF.  I went to open it and it fell to the left, still attached at the bottom.  This door is very heavy and it took two of us to hold it up and at least get it relocked.  But I really can’t get into the studio, where all my new stuff is, until I figure out how to get a new door (door and casing). 

Well, that’s my story.  My plan is to get everything and everybody working in sync again so that next week I can have something new and fun on my Design Wall.

Have a great week,  Gari


Mary said...

Sherlock is so cute. I hope Abby warms up to him quickly. Sorry about your sewing room door. That is an emergency! Hope you can find a replacement and get it installed soon.

Nann said...

You have the best reasons to have a blank design wall this week! Welcome to Sherlock. Congratulations to the newlyweds. (Did you make them a quilt?) Good deal on the needles. Have a great week!

Dar said...

Your new "baby" is a cutie. I've never seen a dapple doxie. Your excuse for not having a design wall is definitely a good one. Only one of those reasons would have been ok with me. Glad you had a successful trip to get your needles and the wedding looked like lots of fun. Good luck to the happy couple.

Bonnie said...

Heck, I like seeing what you've got going on whether it's on your design wall or not. My DW is not quilting related either! Cute little doxie. Glad he is doing better and has found a great home. And, thank goodness you guys weren't hurt with the door disaster. Hope you can get into the studio before you go into total withdrawal!

Kate said...

The door fell off? Not a common reason why there is no design wall. Hope you get it all fixed up soon.

Your new buddy is a cutie. Surely Abby can't hold out against all that cuteness for long.

LynCC said...

Whoa!!! Bad door!! Sherlock is adorable, and so cute to see those two trotting along together. :)