Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Getting Back to Business

Seam RipperFinally, I made it into the studio and this is what I accomplished.  I anticipate I will get it appliqued this weekend and then will need to quilt the top that is on the frame so I can quilt this.  Sorry, I can’t remember where I found it: I looked where I thought it was but no luck.  Anyone else know?

Edit:  The Ripper is from Fons & Porter:

Thanks to Judy D ( for coming up with it.

working on footI am now midway through the foot on my current sock.  I am going to try to figure out how to get the colors to match before I start the second one.  I should have this one done by the weekend so will be trying this new, to me, technique. 
It may appear that I have a lot planned to get done this weekend.  Well, I do, but DH is going to be gone for 3 days so I should be able to either get a lot done or be very, very rested.

tree hitThe morning before we left on our vacation we were surprised to find a state trouper coming down our drive.  He had just been talking to a woman who had hit this tree with her car.  The tree is on the edge of our driveway,

broken standas was our mailbox.  She broke the stand and took it completely out of the earth.  We hadn’t heard anything and never saw the woman: the trouper said he would send the paperwork to us (and us with no mailbox) but so far we have heard nothing.

Eric building mailboxWe had our mail held at the post office and this week DH got busy building a new box.  Maybe I should paint a bull's-eye on the new box to see what happens.  Sarcastic smile

Elsa & Me 9More Elsa  pictures.  Here we are doing our morning yoga.  I am bending forward cuz I don’t think I could pick my leg up that high, even if I wanted to.

Elsa & Me 10Then some weight trainning.  It’s hard to take exercise seriously when the weight is giggling.

Elsa & Me 5And then we rested.  Can you tell we were having fun?

Sadie waitsHowever, we also have a cute baby here at home.  This is Sadie who was wondering why I left the deck and she didn’t get to go with me. 

And now, back to sewing and knitting.  Have a great week.  Gari


Mary said...

You know how to make yoga fun!

Judy D in WA said...

Grim Ripper link. Someone posted it to Facebook. What would we do without FB??
Think I need to make one for myself now. :)

What an adorable work out buddy you have!

Kate said...

Love your new project! Very fun!

Looks like you enjoyed your workout buddy.

mlcquilts said...

Your report of the mailbox brought back memories. My father was having to replace the mailbox often. Seems as if young drivers on a Friday or Saturday night would drive around with a passenger with a ball bat and hit his box. He hooked up an old antique left handed plow with a breakaway pin and mounted the mailbox on that. The first weekend it happened. The bat hit the mail box, breakaway pin broke, plow swung around and hit the car in the rear. Didn't happen very often after that. I enjoy your blog. Mary

Roslyn said...

Well we don't do Halloween but that sure is a cute wall hanging for the quilt room all year round. Might gve to make one.

Bonnie said...

Ooh, thanks so much for the link. I may have to break down and make one of these. I have one spot in the studio where it would look terrific. Now to actually follow through and do it! Giggling yoga partners sounds like a lot of fun. How old is she?