Sunday, October 6, 2013

Gone and Back

Elsa & Me 3This is the reason I have been absent from my blog, and my studio.  Most of you have seen her picture in the header of this blog but last weekend we had the first chance to be with her in person.  She lives almost 1000 miles away from us and at only 9 months is quite unable to come for visits with us.  She is the daughter of our DS#3 and his very sweet wife.

011Even her Grandpa was entranced by her.

009And I loved this picture as Elsa eats and Ponce keeps watch over, or under, her.

And just in case you think this will be all the pictures I will be sharing, think again.  I have a few more and, thankfully, her mother keeps taking and sharing even more.

creative purchasesI did try to use my time wisely. I had some time to myself and spent it sourcing out yarn shops.  I found two and did myself proud with these purchases.  Then, on the way home we just happened to go by Mary Jo’s in Gastonia, NC.  Well, we didn’t exactly “go by”.  When I realized that we would be there during open hours I gave myself 30 min to shop for fabrics for a the new BOM Carol Doak is running.  And, yes, I was in and out in 30 min.

Mary Jo's fabricThe three on the right are batiks.  I never have enough background fabrics and then there are just some that call out to me while I am passing.  And the purple, well, I really need a Halloween tablerunner and placemats.  Will I have them done this month?  Who knows?

Acrylic yarn boxOf course I need to say that we also did some antiquing on our trip and one of the things I found was this acrylic box.  It is about 30” high and 36” deep with three shelves and the perfect place to store my yarn. 

new sock-at gussetI started this sock prior to our trip but since getting back I have completed the heel flap and am currently working on the gusset (the hardest part for me to understand).  I forgot to split the yarn into two balls so I can’t start the second sock until I get this one done.

I have a couple of other knitting projects started: I like to have one in the the house, one in the studio and one to work on when I get bored of everything else.

And what about quilting?  Well, I have two new BOMs to start and one to finish plus the two that are still ongoing.  I have one quilt top still waiting on the frame.  So after I get some household chores done I am going to be sewing, quilting, and knitting.  See what fun I have!

Hope you are having fun, too.    Gari


Kate said...

She's quite a little doll. Glad you got the chance to go see her. Looks like you had a fun trip, with lots of inspiring stops along the way!

jonni said...

Ponce knows where the action is!

Jessica said...

LOVE that photo of the two of you!

Mary said...

What a wonderful trip, Gari, and great purchases! Such fun.

andsewon said...

She is a sweetie! Doll baby indeed! Looks like you had a great ride home too! Oh my that purple owl fabric would be perfect for my pal who is a purple gal! Can you share maker? Yes you do have fun!!

Bonnie said...

Elsa is so darn cute. It's hard to get enough cuddles in from that distance though. I'm in awe of you. Only 30 minutes in Mary Jo's? It takes me that long to make a first look-see. Last time I went I was there for 3 or 4 hours. You did get some beautiful fabrics though. Great post today.

Anonymous said...

Your little granddaughter is adorable! Love that sock yarn also.

Vicki W said...

I am so impressed! 30 minutes in Mary Jos is not very long. The place totally overwhelms me and I usually leave with nothing unless I have a list.

Quilter Kathy said...

She is adorable... how lucky your family is to have her sweetness! It must be so hard to be that far apart.