Sunday, October 20, 2013

Slowed Down but Still Moving

Penguin stuck tohgetherIsn’t he cute?  It took a while but I finally found a white fabric that doesn’t shadow the black wings.  He is all stuck together but is currently resting on wax paper, waiting for me to decide on a background fabric.

owl appliquedSomehow I seem to have let my owl BOM blocks (Fat Cat Patterns) fall by the wayside.  So this weekend I pulled out all the put together blocks, I am at least 2 months behind, and got this one appliqued.  I hope, by the beginning of November, to be ready to start putting the newer blocks together as well as appliqueing the ones I already have ready.  This will be a beautiful quilt, someday.  Confused smile

016I did do some quilting on my Halloween tablerunner.  I am using this as a learning tool for McTavishing but sometimes it is a little hard to see where I am going when I am quilting purple thread on purple fabric.  I am having some thread breakage problems but I think it is the thread and not the machine……I hope.

slipper doneAnd I knitted.  This is the first slipper: it is made using alpaca wool, oh, so, very soft.   I already knew that reading and following a pattern would be difficult for me, I have never been able to do it in quilting.  So I think I pulled this apart at least 10 times before I could finish the heel/gusset.  This is very chunky yarn and some of the slip stitches became holes but they have been grafted shut and this slipper is done.

slipper 2 startedAnd the second one is started.  After reading how so many knitters complete one sock and then have difficulty getting the second one done, I decided that I must begin the second sock immediately on completion of the first.  So far this has been working.  Open-mouthed smile

knitting buddiesSeveral times this week I have had knitting buddies.  Here we are all three sitting on the deck swing where I have spent several happy mornings knitting.

WDE 10-19-13While out on the deck I decided to update Fred so he could cheer for Auburn’s football game on Saturday.

HeadlinesAnd it worked!!  With Saturday’s win they/we are ranked #11, pretty good from being completely out of the rankings.

So, now that all the excitement is over I will retreat back to my little studio and see if I can get a little more done this week.  DH came home from his weekend away and all last week dropped in so many times it seemed that I had installed a revolving door.  But I am so very lucky, he really likes being with me.  Red heart

I will be linking up with Patchwork Times and What a Hoot.

Have a great week,    Gari


Bonnie said...

As usual you have so many interesting things to see. What was the white fabric you found that wouldn't show? I'm thinking it might have been Kona? Thanks for the great inspiration.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Just love all your projects. How did you do the spidery look with the black thread.

Ramona said...

Your applique blocks are so cute! I love the owl. And the slippers look nice and warm. Winter is coming... all of a sudden it seems!

Barb in Mi said...

Your owls are too cute! And way to go to start the 2nd sock/ slipper immediately... they sure look warm. Snow in the forecast for Michigan, eeek I am not ready yet.

Kate said...

Very cute owls! You've been quite busy with the sewing and the knitting, so I'm not seeing the slow down!

LynCC said...

Haha!! Way to get Auburn a win! ;D This penguin is adorable - love his pants fabric! And it's so nice to see another owl - can't wait for that one to "grow up"!