Thursday, January 9, 2014

Aging Rapidly

If you have been reading my blog for the last couple of months you know that I turned 71 on Thanksgiving.  I was very proud of the fact that I am pretty spry and get around as well as most people a lot younger than I am. 

Well, spry is not what I am today.
bed areaAll day Tuesday I moved furniture.  You know, move this piece to be able to move this other piece and then move this piece again because it is in the way of another piece that has to move, too.  In the afternoon DH came home and he helped me for about 3 hours, moving the larger pieces.  Then I spent the evening setting up this half of the room.

other side of roomThis is the other side of the room where the tread climber will go, along with the Pilates machine.  I still need to clean the carpet but first I have to recover: extreme back pain.  When I get up, after sitting for even a short while, I can’t straighten up.  Now I look like I am 100, walking all bent over and taking short steps.  I really look quite funny but fortunately it only lasts for a short while and then I am going again.

009Today I finally got enough heat into the studio to get a little work done.  I pieced the backing for this quilt and loaded it on the frame.

008This is the Carol Doak Mystery BOM from last year. 

I have the batting and top draped over the frame and hope to get them loaded tomorrow.

017Now I just need to figure out how to quilt each of the blocks and the open space I created.

011It would be very easy to use a pantograph but I think I want to feather the open spaces.  Anyway, I am going to play with a drawing program this evening so I can be ready to begin either tomorrow or Saturday.

I have been knitting but have nothing to show for it.  I can’t seem to remember the M1L and M1R.  So I keep practicing on waste yarn.  I plan to get back to my little sock toes and grow them next week, I really want to be able to make two socks at a time.

I hope everyone is getting warmer and can have a great weekend.   Gari


Melinda said...

Getting old ain't for sissys! I feel for you.

Mary said...

Oh, Gari, I hope you are feeling much better soon. Good luck on quilting those open spaces. I find them very challenging.

loulee said...

I hope your back is feeling better soon. I know from experience that moving around, lots of walking and swimming is good for it. Don't settle in the one place for too long.
Your batik stars look lovely.

andsewon said...

Hope your back is better soon. I understand I have some back probs, bulged disks of which one messes with a nerve. Keeps me from sitting to sew for too long. Sure you will come up with a pretty quilting plan. We are warmer but rain coming in.

Anonymous said...

lol, I am feeling older than my years this past month myself and I am in my late fourties. I just want to quote my great grandmother, "getting older isn't for cowards, but it is mighty inconvienent!" I understand the statement more as each year passes.....

barbara woods said...

Barbara in Georgia and i turned 72 the 24th of November, nice to 'meet' you

Kate said...

If it makes you feel any better, my 15 year old DD started weight lifting last Thursday (spring training for volleyball) and she's still walking funny. She didn't hurt anything, she's just still really sore. Hope you are feeling much better today.