Wednesday, January 1, 2014

And Away We Go

Celtic Solstice BlocksI guess the first thing to share are the two blocks that will make up Bonnie Hunter’s Celtic Solstice Quilt.  These are just the pieces put together on the wall to see the blocks.  And here is my dilemma.  Now that I see the blocks and what her quilt looks like, I am wanting to make the whole quilt.  My colors will look more spring-like than hers but it is going to be a beautiful quilt.  I am thinking that I will continue to make units and blocks for another month or two and see if I can get a whole quilt out of it.  If not, I pretty much have enough units for 2 placemats and a table runner.

soon to be cowlAnd this is my current knitting project: a cowl that will have an eyehole to pull one end through.  I don’t have a pattern but am attempting to figure it out “all by myself.” 

cowl yarnI really love this yarn but I was told it was too fragile to be sock yarn so it has been sitting, staring at me while I tried to think what I wanted to do with it.  Then this week I realized that there are times when my neck is cold even when I am inside and I thought a pretty, and easy to take off, cowl would be nice.  I think this yarn will go with almost anything I wear and since I am doing a garter stitch all the “pretty” will come from the yarn.  I hope to make the  other end come to a kind of point so it will fit easily through the hole and have some visual interest.  Wish me luck.

Alphabet QuiltI have had some people ask me what BOMs I am planning to do this year.  The first one, which has already started, is this Alphabet quilt from The Quilt Show.  The first part came out today and it consisted of three blocks.  Yes, I said 3 blocks.  As you can see they are both pieced and applique.  My plan is to make the pieced blocks out of all scraps but I will make the letters all one color.  What color, I hear you ask.  Well, I have no idea, I answer.  Confused smile

Penguins300Starting February 1 will be this Penguin Christmas quilt by FatCatPatterns.  I am really not into Christmas quilts but I can’t resist Sindy’s designs.  If I could I wouldn’t have done the Funky Chickens, The Wonderfully Fishys, and the Owls. 

head-to-toe-76x96And lastly, I hope, will be Head to Toe from Justquiltin which will start February 15th.  I am doing it because I have now knitted socks and hats so are mittens so far behind?  I see this one gracing the corner of my studio where I do most of my knitting.  Denise has already said that it will not be complete by Christmas next year so there are no plans to have it ready any time soon.

almost emptyThe last thing I have to share is this almost empty tin of candy we got from DS#3 and his lovely wife and child (see picture at the top of the blog).  We have been very careful to not eat too much of this at any one time because we did not want it to be gone.  However, we seem to be getting close to the end and we are very sad.  We have hinted that we think the gift should be a monthly gift but so far there has been nothing but silence from the givers.  Maybe we haven’t hinted loud enough.

DH is still on vacation: he returns to teaching on the 6th.  We went to see Saving Mr. Banks and found it a wonderful moving.  As a former psychotherapist I found it a wonderful case study of the effect of alcoholism on the child and of how one attempts to correct the problem and then how getting help from the outside makes it even better.  I went expecting a Mary Poppins type movie but found a funny and yet gripping biography.  I laughed and cried and almost felt I was working again except someone else was doing all the work.

Have a great weekend and I hope to have something new on the design wall to share on Sunday/Monday.    Gari


Wonky Girl said...

Ugh, more tempting BOM's. I've seen the penguins by Sindy, but not the other two. Glad you are doing the penguins, I'll follow along cuz it was fun watching your creative process of making chickens ;-)
I think you should make at least a small quilt from your Celtic Solstice blocks, the fabrics you chose will make a beautiful finished quilt.

jonni said...

Looks like you have some fun days ahead! It would be even nicer with monthly deliveries of peppermint bark.

Kate said...

Oooh, you have lots of pretties planned for 2014. The penguins are fun, I can see how resistance to that project would have been absolutely futile!

Ramona said...

The BOM's you have chosen are so nice! I just might have to do the Christmas penguin along with you. My daughter would love that quilt. Thanks for sharing! And your cowl is going to be beautiful.

Dora, the Quilter said...

I have one of those tins from Trader Joe's peppermint bark. Perfect size to carry my quilting tools in when our prayer quilt group meets!

Dar said...

You have some fun lined up for 2014. I am going to do the Justquiltin BOM too. I also signed up for a couple more. Right now I'm working on putting my Celtic Solstice blocks together. I'm making the small size. There ae lots of pieces, but I love how the finished quilt looks. I'll be watching your progress on the shawl with the hole with interest. I'm sure you will do fine with it.

withajoyfulheart said...

Great new projects...your yarn for your cowl is very pretty, looking forward to seeing how it turns out!

sklinn62 said...

I am doing the Celtic Solstice quilt too. Your colors are pretty. Are you making the small or large? I started the small--I am on the last step, block assembly. Debating whether I want to increase it to queen sized.

Jessica said...

I think it must be said that I'm a bit in love with the alphabet quilt. Also, thank you so much for my "There's no place like home" apron this Christmas. Ironically, that was the third apron I got for Christmas. Needless to say, I think that means you know me. :)