Sunday, February 9, 2014

BOMs in the Spotlight

dwMy design wall shows that I am currently working on BOMs.  I have all the appliqueing done on all of the completed blocks, not an easy feat.  The blocks, again, went on the wall so that I can check out what fabrics I have used and then I can choose what I will use for the new ones, again 3 on a limb. 

lettersI began working on my BOMs with the new letters.  I have to tell you that all those little curlicues were not easy to cut out but here they are, ready to go when the rest of the blocks are done.

in pieces So I got busy on the B is for basket.  I have to admit that I have never made a basket block so I had to really read the directions carefully.

handleBut I had no problem with the handle: I can do applique easy peasy.

ready for appliqueAnd here we are, the basket is ready for applique.  But that will have to wait until tomorrow. 

ready to quiltI have been working on mug rugs recently.  This is a free block from FatCatPatterns and an easy one for this purpose.  He is done and ready for quilting. 

no coffeeAnd I got the applique done on the “no more coffee” mug rug.  I think this is the look I have when I go to the pot and find that DH has taken the last of the coffee and didn’t refill the pot.

moreI even have two more coffee MGs ready to do the applique and I have drawn two more.  These are going to be my “need to do some stitching” items.  And they make me laugh every time I look at them so they are relaxing to work on.

Here, in the Deep South, we have finally gotten some nice weather.  Today I was able to sit on the deck, with the sun shining and the temp at 72F, and knit.  And we are supposed to have 60 – 70F weather for at least the next week and I am cheering!

I hope everyone who reads this has a great week.  My plan is to sew, knit, sew, knit, and sew some more.  Gari


Kate said...

I really like your Owl blocks. Those are going to make a very fun quilt. I laughed when saw your "no more coffee" mug rug. Yes I'm sure I look that way when My Guy has taken the last cup of coffee!

Enjoy your nice weather, I think we are supposed to have temps in the low 60's by the weekend. That will fell like heaven after a few weeks of single digit and teens.

Rhonda said...

Hi Gari. Wow, I really love those owls....those hooties are going to make a great quilt. The mug rug looks good, that's the way I look right now because I'm out of coffee. Guess I'll have to drink a cup of tea.....sigh. And I absolutely love your blog header...what a little cutie!!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous work and I stink at applique and handles are my nemisis. Yours is great!!! I love the penquin thanks for the link. I am very jealous Gari, warm weather. We are below zero here. I feel like I should be on one of the Alaska shows and I am in Michigan!!!

Bonnie said...

As always much to inspire! That is one cute basket quilt. What's your preferred thread for machine appliqué? I'm almost to the point that I can appliqué my Christmas block so thought I would check with the expert. We're scheduled for snow this week, hopefully not a lot. It's still freezing overnight but hitting the 40's during the day ... well it was last week who knows what it will do this week! Happy quilting

Connie said...

What beautiful projects!! Fat Cat's patterns are always so cute! Enjoy your nice weather, we are freezing here in Iowa.

Wonky Girl said...

Your projects are really coming along. It's fun that you show all of the process, not just the finish. I think you are going to end up sucking me into doing more applique. LOL. You make it look easy.
Oh boy, we are having the same nice weather as your area. I'm a little worried about it though, some of my trees are budding. We could still have another hard freeze before the true spring. Oh well, it is what it is.
No need to reply, have fun working on your projects.

LynCC said...

That baby makes me smile every time I open your blog. :) You just about have me sucked into getting a Quilt Show membership again so I can get that letters BOM pattern!! I love it so much every time I see someone working on it. Way to go, getting all your stitching done on those appliques - that's a daunting task for me.

newsurfiegirl said...

Love the owls the background is just perfect for them. Love your mug rugs as well.

Stephanie said...

Those owls are such fun. You applique is really pretty too. I admire those who do BOMs and stick with it. I always fall off the wagon. Enjoying your warmth and sunshine. Not sure what month we'll see 60 or 70* again! :o)

Carrie P. said...

Love those owls.