Sunday, February 23, 2014

BOMs & Mug Rugs

Blocks 1So here is the beginning of the last of the BOMs for this year (I hope).  This one, like one other I am doing, has more than one block for the month.  These two blocks are “block 1” and are 18 x 24” each.  Since this is an all applique quilt I am going to try to use only scraps or fat quarters except for the backgrounds.  That fabric is white on white with snowflakes, perfect for hats, scarfs, and mittens, don’t you think?  I hope to get them appliqued this week but since this is the first “block” I may let them sit for a while.

Blocks 2 b & cI did get the last two letters of the Alphabet BOM’s second block (s) attached to the background fabric and then began working on the patchwork parts.

Blocks 2bThis is the patchwork the will be going with the letter “C”.  Doesn’t it look great?  And it is except that I didn’t read the instruction to size down the HSTs and thus it is 8” rather than 6 1/2”.  I have already cut the pieces for a new square and this one will become a mug rug.  Meanwhile, I just must learn to read ALL of the instructions.

Blocks 2cThat said, I have cut the fabric for the D’s patchwork.  And it is all waiting at the sewing machine for me to return.  And you better believe that I will read and reread the directions before I sew it all together.  Embarrassed smile

079On Friday I put 4 mug rugs on the frame but I haven’t gotten back in there to begin the quilting.  I hope to have them done this week, also.  Wish me luck,  Gari


Anonymous said...

I thought I recognized those hats.:-) Cute fabrics -- but just a heads up - the design is not all applique. :-)

Bonnie said...

Looking good. I like the idea of putting mug rugs on the long arm.... I may have to do that in the future.

Kate said...

Looks like you are making progress on a number of fronts.

LynCC said...

Nice hats, Gari! Perfect background fabric for that project. I'm sorry, 'cause I giggled even while groaning about the over-sized block. I hate it when I do stuff like that.