Friday, February 14, 2014

Lots of Knitting Going On

0150d1d67c934eedfaa07c875c9a2dc7c64ee34f83I am so excited about these socks.  These are my 2 toe up socks and I have just finished the heels.  I was a little nervous since this is a first and I figured that since I was doing something backwards it would be difficult.  Well, it was so much easier than the cuff down heel.  Now I just have to go up the leg to the cuff and these will be done.  My other socks are almost ready for the heels and I am not worried at all.  Smile

dog meets hatOn Christmas Eve I finished this hat as a gift for DH.  All through this very cold winter it has been on his head …… until recently.  This is the result of the hat hitting the floor and being found by our most recent doxie acquisition, Sherlock.  DH was very unhappy as he had been enjoying the comfort of his head staying warm.

new Valentine hatSo I have started his new hat, his Valentine’s gift.  I am making the brim a little wider as he likes to turn it up and I like to see his ears covered.  The brim is completed and I am on my way up: I hope to have this done tonight.

tough knittiingOne small problem is that the doxies have decided that even though we have a couch and loveseat, my lap is the only place they want to be.

other helpEven Sherlock, the reason I am knitting a new hat, is demanding that he be front and center on my lap.  But you can see that they make me laugh so it’s not all bad.

Valentine flowersAnd to keep me inspired, these are the flowers DH surprised me with.  He had to leave very early this morning so these were waiting for me when I got up.  They sit right in front of my living room chair so I get to see them whenever we are sitting there, watching TV and working on the computer.

And now I need to get off this computer and get back to hat knitting.  Nothing like creating a deadline for yourself.  Confused smile

Ta,  Gari


straythreads said...

maybe your little doxie was trying to tell you he needs a sweater hand knit by you of course. great job on the toe up socks stay warm

jonni said...

It must be hard to be mad at Sherlock, he's adorable! I agree, he was just trying to tell you he needs a sweater. It's been cold there! The flowers are lovely, what a gorgeous color.

Judy S. said...

Love that header of yours and the socks.

Kate said...

Very pretty flowers. Hope you managed to finish Your Guy's new head warmer today.

Dar said...

I love your socks and am so glad to hear that you find the toe up easier than top down. Since I haven't done ANY heel yet, I have something to look forward to on my next pair. Your doxies are adorable. I think they prefer a lap to a chair or couch because it is heated (your legs are warmer than a cold cushion). My kitty thinks along those same lines.

Brown Dirt Cottage said...

Great knitting Gari. I see a lot of knitters out there and such cute designs…..makes me wanna knit too!!!

Bonnie said...

I sure underst,and thes dogs and their naughtiness. I've got one who does the same types of things. Needless to say we don't leave much out anymore. What are you using for instructions on the toe up socks? I haven't worked on socks for quite a while.