Friday, February 7, 2014

Knitting Fun

started on heel increasesI am currently knitting two sets of toe up socks but these are the only ones I am showing.  I am currently two rows into the heel increases and they are going well.  Everyday I am amazed at how much I am enjoying knitting and learning new things.

class sampleThis, however, is not me learning but it is going to be “me” teaching.  I have been asked to substitute teach the third of three lessons on “How to Knit Socks.”  This is the class that I took in July-August that got me into this sock marathon.  So what you see here is a little bit of the foot and most of the toe of a sock.  I am supposed to show how to decrease the toe and then do the Kitchener closing.  I sat in on some of the first two lessons, just to see how the two students have been doing, and I don’t think they will be far enough along to actually begin knitting the toe so I thought I would come with a visual aid along with a handout of my own making.  The class is tomorrow morning and I am both excited and really nervous.  It isn’t easy to teach something you have so recently learned but I am going to give it a go.

I will be starting a new hat this week.  I have to make a new one for DH because the one I gave him for Christmas seems to have gotten to Sherlock, our sweet but destructive doxie, and that was that.  I wouldn’t hustle to get a new one made but it has been really cold and he is bald so he needs a hat.  And it has pleased me to see it on his head, I have to admit.

And now I will get off this computer, pick up my needles and knit a while.   Gari


Kate said...

Have fun teaching your class. You know you've learned it when you have to teach it.

Dar said...

Your socks look cute. I wish you were here in my sewing room teaching me how to START socks easily. What type of needs do you prefer for beginners. I'm prodding along, but I know there must be an easier way. Ohh also, are you a thrower or Continental quilter? I'm finding out one is faster and easier than the other.

Stephanie said...

Great colors. Best of luck teaching -- that is really exciting. I'm sure once you get started the nerves will disappear. I don't think there are many states NOT suffering the Winter cold but certainly more unusual for the South. One day I hope to learn to crochet a hat. It's nice when you make and give something handmade to know it's being used and loved.