Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Keeping Warm by Keeping Busy

snow dayDropping in to say hello.  Along with everyone in the East, we had snow days almost all last week.  Actually, we had freezing rain and sleet.

drivewayOr, as DH put it, I had him 24/7 for 6 days, expectantly.  We were ice bound for 4 days and had no water for 2 days but we had heat and food, TV and sewing, so all was well.

new shoesDuring the forced confinement DH and I put the TreadClimber together.  Above you see the new shoes I bought just for this.  My plan was to begin slowly, only 10 min a day for the first week and then work my way up to 30 min three days a week.  Monday I began my new exercise experiment.  Funny thing: the first time I got on the TC I only walked on it for 2 1/2 min.  Tuesday I was up to 4 1/2 min and this morning I got all the way up to 5 1/2 min.  This may not seem like much but remember I am 71 and way out of shape so I reviewed my plan and decided to begin at 2 1/2 min and work my way up to 10.  So far the plan is working.  Flirt male

selfieI wanted to show the knitted hat I made last month and seemed unable to remember to get a picture of it.  I didn’t use a pattern but loved the yarn I had bought in MD in Sept and needed to see it made into something.

blue hadAnd with all the cold and ice and everything, this little had has sure come in handy.  I am thinking that maybe I will be making one of those slouch hats I have been seeing online.

owl appliqueMy studio does not have central heat so I directed my space heaters to the sewing area and spent a lot of time appliqueing owls.  I had really gotten behind that part of this BOM.  This is the last of the owls that I had completed and it got me caught up.  However, on Feb 1 a new block came out it it, again, has 3 owls on it.  I hope to get to it later this week.

puppy couchesSaturday I suggested to DH that we start looking at a sectional to replace our two recliners that were literally falling apart.  I thought a sectional would be better in that it would provide puppy space so we would all be comfortable.  Interestingly DH was on board and we began our search.  While looking we decided that instead of a sectional we could use a couch and loveseat and accomplish the same thing.  We found this set that has 4 loungers and they are electric, no more pulling on a lever.  This picture shows all four dogs fast asleep (one is under the brown log cabin quilt).  And there is still room for the 2 humans.  It has really made evening TV viewing and computering much more comfortable.

Tomorrow in mug rug day with the hope of BOMs on Friday.  Gotta keep moving or I will fall behind, again.  Winking smile  Besides, I keep warmer when I am moving.  And this winter I have needed to move as much as I can.

Have a great week,    Gari


Wonky Girl said...

Oh my, you are in a deep freeze. The hat is made from a nice looking yarn, and just in time that you finished it :-).
That's funny about the dogs and new sofas. Our poodles do not like our new "leather" sofas. All would rather sleep on the floor.
Glad you are taking care to start slowly on new exercise machine. I've done myself in a few times by being in a hurry.

Kate said...

This has definitely been a "hard" winter. Two days without water? That's definitely not fun. Stay warm!