Sunday, March 16, 2014

BOMs Away

March completedMy Design Wall for St. Patrick’s Day.

This week’s BOM is Fishey from Fat Cat Patterns.  For some reason I don’t have all of them (15) so I am going to have to look at the finished quilt and then see what one’s I am missing.  There are 14 here but I accidently made a duplicate so I really only have 13 of the 15 done.  I realized that I don’t know how many we are making: I guess I need to pay a little more attention.

#14  Here is my #14.  She looks so  girly, don’t you think? 

#15 And here is #15.  I have a pretty good supply of batiks and each fish seems to take on a personality of their own just by the choices I make.  I love quilting.

This past week I completed the March blocks for the Alphabet BOM and began working on a setting for the Boot Bash BOM of 2012.  This work can be seen here.

My Mug Rug
And I finally got my Mug Rug finished.  And, of course, it is on the table with a coffee cup sitting on it. 

So far my plan of working on one BOM a week is working GREAT.  This week I will be making the two blocks for Denise’s BOM.  Although I stated her “From Head to Toe – A Knitter’s Gifts” BOM was only having us do applique, the “sock” blocks are pieced.  So I will be stitching, appliquéing, machine embroidering, with a little knitting thrown in the mix.  My, what a great week I have ahead of me.  Open-mouthed smile

Sunday morning the tornado sirens began blaring to tell us that a tornado was on the ground and coming our way.  As we listened to the radio the roads and highways that go by our house were the ones mentioned as in the path of the on the ground tornado.  Our daughter, who was home alone, jumped in her car, drove much too fast, and came to spend the scary time with us.  We got wind and rain but no tornado (not complaining) and were reminded that no place is totally safe so we must appreciate what we have while we have it.  I hope I can keep that reminder.

And now it is time to get back to my Spring Cleaning as we are going to have company next weekend: our oldest son and his wife are coming.  We rarely get to see our sons (MD, GA, CO) so it is a rare pleasure.  So while I sew and clean, you all have a great week.  GARI


Judy D in WA said...

LOVE the new header photo! She is adorable.
Love the lips on girlie fish! The brown one is so manly. ;)
The mug rugs are so cute! Where did you find those patterns?
I'm glad your daughter came to stay with you and that the tornado passed you by. How scary!!

Sue Daurio said...

#14 is adorable with her purple lips! Love her. Have fun cleaning, we're still waiting for spring :)

Vicki W said...

I love you school of fish!

Bonnie said...

Those batiks do at a special touch to your school of fish. Good for you for keeping up!

LynCC said...

Love her purple "lipstick" :D You're right - batiks are awesome. Tornados are scary! I didn't realize they are as wide-spread as they are. I thought when we moved here to the mountainside we'd be finished of those, but last month there was a tornado warning for a city 20 miles south and right on the edge of the mountain like we are! Like you say - appreciate what we have and the peace we have while it's here because you never know!

carla said...

HI!!!! Your little fish are adorable!!!! They really do have personality!!!! I am so glad the tornado did not get to you all!!!! That is such a scary situation!!!!

Kate said...

Fun fishes, with lots of personality too.

Glad the tornado steered clear. That's the thing I don't like about spring, it's that time of year for us too.

Gretchen said...

Tornado warnings already! It seems like the season ends later and starts earlier every year. I love your fishy quilt!!