Wednesday, March 12, 2014

On Fire, Creatively

I don’t know what has come over me but I have been working steadily and even getting stuff done.

March-aI continued to follow my one BOM a week and began working on the Alphabet BOM.  The first of the two blocks for March was this house block.  I did change some of the colors: I really like the coral house.

March-b prepedThen I prepped the second block.  I have always wanted to make an Irish chain quilt but for some reason thought that it was too difficult for me.

March doneBut it really was very easy.  As you can see, the block came out just fine and I am now completely caught up with this BOM.

March up to dateSo this is all of this BOM, up to date.  The instructions have the sets of blocks with sashing completed but since I never know if I want to set my blocks the same, I am waiting until all of the blocks are done.

Boots layout planI know I said I was going to get back to the Celtic Solstice quilt but then I remembered that DH has a birthday this month and I had planned to make this quilt for him and his Cowboy Family Room.  The blocks are from a BOM in 2012 but, again, I was stumped by a setting.  I really wanted to set them this way but couldn’t figure out what to put in them.  But this week I found just what I want and the fabric to go with it.  I hope to start working on that part tomorrow but will hold off showing it until after March 22.

Fred helping hold things togetherFor those who read my blog regularly might remember that Fred came inside after being attacked by our new dog.  I still haven’t fixed his foot but you can see that he is using his inside time well by holding my mess together.  I kind of enjoy having him in my sewing room, he just laughs along with me when I make mistakes.

dinner theater flowers
I am closing today with these flowers, a sure sign of Spring.  Actually they were table decorations from a play DH directed for a dinner theater last night.  It was a mystery: see the spy glass, question mark, and Poirot mustache stuck in the flowers.  The play was a success, DH is happy, and I get to have these flowers in my house.  Life is good.    Gari 

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Kate said...

Love your alphabet blocks and your boot blocks are such fun. Hope you've been able to find time to work on your DH's present.