Sunday, March 9, 2014

It’s Monday so Here We Go Again

design wall ready to workHere is my design wall today.  The only owls up there are the last ones that need to be appliqued: they are there to remind me to get them done this month.  The BOM of the week is the Alphabet BOM. 

March 2014 blocksThey are being nicer this month and there are only two blocks  this month.  Here is a picture of the pieced part of the blocks, which I have not yet started.

March letters ready to fuseI did get the letters drawn and fused to the fabric, ready to applique when the pieces parts are completed.

My plan is to get these blocks done this week and then do some more sewing on Celtic Solstice.  I realized, Sunday, that I can’t remember what I was doing so I also get to spend some time rereading the pattern parts.

worsted socks almost doneI have been doing some knitting and got the foot and heels done on both.  I am always amazed at how easy these heels are to do, and quick.  So now all I have left is the ribbing which I do rather short.  Now I do have to tell on myself, when I started the heels on these socks, for some reason I did the heels on different sides.  It was a little confusing  but worked out in the end.  Confused smile

I think this week I am going to spend some time reading through the sweater pattern I got and then maybe even cast on the beginning stitches.  I have been procrastinating starting this because I am not sure I am ready for something so big.  But I can’t just knit socks forever.

no coffee mug rugThe last thing I worked on was to begin quilting my mug rugs.  I started with the background but still have the figure to do.  Everything is set up so I can do a little quilting whenever I get tired of what ever else I am doing. 

Our weekend ended very nicely.  Our granddaughter, her husband and son came from NC for a very short business trip and we were able to visit with them over breakfast Sunday morning.  She only recently moved to NC (husband is in the Marines) where she has encountered winter like she never had in AL.  It was fun to see how well they all were doing and to help send them on their way back to their new home.

And now lets get on with all the projects we have planned for this week.  I am also including some Spring Cleaning and  am planning to put together several bags of clothes and other stuff for Goodwill/Salvation Army.  I love stuff but find I am living in a world of clutter, both in the house and the studio.  So I am going to work, little by little, on clearing out some of it.

Have a great week, folks, I know I will.  Gari


Rhonda said...

All projects looking good but my favorite is the empty coffee cut mug rug....hehehehehehe

Bonnie said...

Ditto Rhonda. The issue with sweaters is there is not the immediate gratification of socks -- i.e., it takes longer to finish them. And, then, depending on how you knit them there is all sorts of finishing to do -- stitching seams, burying thread ends. And, worse thing is you can then have knitting ufos to go with the quilting ones! I have two sweater ufos -- one dating back to the late '80s! Ouch. I am flummoxed by the current heals on the socks I am knitting. I need to figure out which section is on which needle... golly darn, that is too much paying attention for me right now. That's what I get for using a different pattern. Sigh

Sylvia said...

Nice to see you got a lot done! Love your socks!

Sue Daurio said...

your header picture really put a smile on my face today, what a great picture!! Love your letter BOM, looks great.

LynCC said...

Love seeing the progress on your letters BOM. :D You know I wish I was doing it, too. Isn't it fabulous to be able to have a dedicated quilting station where we can leave these out, waiting for any burst of time we can, or want, to give to it without having to fuss with setting things up or cleaning them away each time?!


You've got so many things on the go at once - it's good to mix it up a bit and not get bored. Love those sweet little socks! xCathy

Heidi said...

Looks like a fun BOM, I like the house block and the owls coming up!

Kate said...

Lots of fun stuff going on in your studio. Good luck with your spring decluttering!

Key Elements said...

My you are a busy sewing bee! I wish I had joined in on the Alphabet sew along. I found out about it too late. Really like yours - beautiful. Your boots are looking great!