Monday, March 3, 2014

Lost Weekend

owl wall 3-2-14This is all that is on the wall today.  I have decided to work on one BOM a week this month and since the fabrics for the owls was already out, this is the BOM for me.   At the top left is the block I completed this weekend.

last set of threeI believe they are the last set of three in one block.  I am amazed at how much time it takes to draw the pieces and then cut them individually out, find just the right fabrics where I am not repeating fabric combinations, fuse the pattern pieces to the fabric, cut each piece out, place the pieces together so they look right, fuse the pieces together and then fuse the completed appliqué to the background.  And that, just in time to do it all over gain for the next month.

March owl patternAnd on Saturday the March patterns came out.  So I printed all of them (except the one that doesn’t come out until the 15th, of course).  As I took them to the studio I found just looking at the patterns made me tired so I spent some time just sitting in the recliner, looking at what was ahead of me.  Disappointed smile

March owl drawnThen I got busy drawing the pieces for March.  I was just beginning to cut them out when I realized that it was time for Sunday dinner so that has been put off until today.  I will cut the pieces as a break from laundry.

sweatshirt jacketPart of the reason this weekend was lost to quilting was that DH and I went to a quilt show in Prattville, AL.  The quilts were great and there was a wonderful selection of vendors.  I didn’t take pictures of the quilts but I did of this jacket because I think it may be the inspiration for a blue one for me.  It is a sweatshirt jacket but the outer fabric looks like suede.  the back is also squares on point but they are larger squares.  I have made three sweatshirt jackets but really need a blue one to go with my many pair of jeans.

featherweight longarmThe other really interesting vendor was one who makes a stand-up quilter using featherweights.  All the wiring is in the base under the machine and it comes with a light and stitch regulator in the handle.  Very tiny throat space but cute as a button.

new ironAt the quilt show I attended a couple of weeks ago I bought this new iron.  It has a steam generator built into it and blows a strong steady stream of steam (try saying that three times).  It has a constant heat setting, does not scorch, and lets the steam do the work.  For pressing I really like it, my seams press very flat and I can let the iron sit on my fabric while I fuss with it and don’t have to worry about burning anything.  I even think my ironing board covers will last longer.  The only problem I have is that it doesn’t heat enough to fuse for applique: I don’t think steam will help the fusing process.  So I am using an old iron for fusing but the new one for everything else.  I’ll have to wait a while to see how long it lasts.

vert weatherMy  plan for this weekend was housework on Friday, Quilt show on Saturday and studio time on Sunday.  Well the first two were accomplished but on Sunday DH decided he wanted taco pizza and the closest place is almost 60 miles away so off we went.  And since it was 72F as we left we decided it was the perfect day to put the top down and let the wind blow through our hair …… well my hair.  The sun was out, it got up to 81, and was a great day to be on the road.  Needless to say, life and convertible weather does get in the way of the quilting experience.

Today is gray and rainy, the perfect day to stay inside and do laundry.  And, of course, occasionally draw, cut, and fuse owls.

Have a great week everybody and if it is snowing where you live, STAY OFF THE ROADS!!   Gari


Judy D in WA said...

I love coming to your blog and seeing your header photo. It makes me giggle with delight!
I LOVE your owls. This is the most perfect quilt for you. You'll have all your little pieces in place soon.
Mmm, taco pizza. I'll have to put that on the menu this week. :)

Brenda said...

interesting putting a FW on a frame. is it a 222K with the free arm and the ability to fmq? do you recall the name of the vendor so I could search online?

Sylvia said...

Love the owls!

Gari in AL said...

I am adding this url. It is the quilt guild that held the quilt show as they will be able to direct you to this vendor.

Anonymous said...

The owls are adorable; they look like wood cuts! Sounds like another one of those projects that are bigger and more time consuming than expected(I guess that is true for almost all projects).

Kate said...

Love the owls! Very cute. Hope you got in some cutting in between loads of laundry today.

Farm Gate Creations said...

Your owls look wonderful. Have a great week!

LynCC said...

Love the top-down road trip for pizza!! :D Such a pretty day in the photo. We are actually in the 60s today, but are supposed to get snow tonight and tomorrow, so it's gonna be a while before our days look like yours! You know I love the owls. These three little guys look so good - and I hear you big-time on all the fussing it takes to do these fusible projects! I keep avoiding bringing my other McKenna Ryan BOM into the loop because of that reason - an easy thing to do when I have something like 8 more backed-up BOMs. . . ;D

carla said...

HI!!!! Your owls are too cute!!!! Love them!!!!! I followed over from What a Hoot!!!!! I really enjoyed my visit!!!! Thank You