Monday, March 24, 2014


No pictures today.  About three hours after my last post my computer gave up the ghost and died .... while I was using it.  So for DH's birthday I got a new computer.  I am not complaining, really, except that I am not a Win 8 fan.  I lost Live Writer, which I have used faithfully for years to write my blog , and I now have to learn how to function with this new, to me, system and then find the disks for the programs I use a lot.  Additionally I will be trying to see how much I can get off the old disk.

Contrary  to what I just said I figured out a round about way to get a picture into this new computer and am really glad to share our oldest son and his wife's picture.  They came for a weekend visit, from Atlanta, to celebrate DH's birthday.  We antiqued, ate and laughed throughout the weekend and had a lot of fun together.  Thanks, Scott and Sue for a great visit.
Almost immediately after they pulled out of the driveway, our daughter arrived with her husband and son to take us out for dinner, again to celebrate DH's birthday and also her husband's birthday which is today.  Sad to say, we were so busy eating and laughing that I forgot to take any pictures so that will have to wait for another celebration.
Given the above, there was NO SEWING this weekend.  I have, however, already turned on the heat in the studio (just to take the 50F chill off) and am off to do some damage in there.  DH is home for Spring Break so he is the dog sitter for the week and maybe I can at least get the top of his birthday quilt together in this time.,
Have a great week everybody.   GARI 


Bonnie said...

Going out for good food with good company sounds pretty good to me. Happy ?irthday to hubby.

Kate said...

Hope your DH had a great birthday. Enjoy your stitching time.

The Colorful Fabriholic said...

Congrats on your new computer! I got one with Win8 last year and absolutely hated it, until I figured out to do everything through the desktop. Hope that helps you.

Roslyn said...

Argh, switching computers can be a pain especially with a PC. I only use Mac everything & find it all so fast & simple to do. i haven't had a Mac die on me, only upgraded & passed the older ones to my DGS's but just in case I keep a separate hard drive plugged in that constantly uploads new content so I always have a current back up.
I switched to all Apple products years ago after too many "blue screen of death" on PC's!