Sunday, March 30, 2014

Boots and More

This is what I have mostly been working on this past week. I showed it, again, to DH and he began singing Happy Birthday all over again.  I figure I can draw his birthday out for 2-4 weeks as I prepare a backing, load it on the frame, quilt it, and then bind it.  Maybe he will get a birthday month after all.

The boot appliques are from a 2012 BOM by Moose on the Porch.  I had so much fun making these boots but then just couldn't figure out a setting I liked.

Recently I found the embroideries at Artistic Thread Works and I knew how I wanted to use them.  The embroidery went find but then figuring out how to set them (math to figure out the sashing) took some time.  However I am more than thrilled with how this quilt has turned out.  DH is happy but says he doesn't plan t use it until it can hang in our local quilt show that comes in November. 

I did spend a little time doing some machine applique and got completely caught up on my What a Hoot BOM blocks.  However I do also realize that as of Monday I will be back to choosing owl fabric again.  I would kind of like to have this one done by November, too, so I may work ahead and get it done now that the fish are complete.

I have really been enjoying knitting these simple dishcloths.  I also have come to realize that although I love knitting it has taken me away from quilting quite a lot.  With quilting I can be very creative, go my own way, make changes whenever the mood strikes me.  Knitting is not like that, at least for me.  It is much more pattern controlled.  So I an going to cut back on knitting, using it as a form of relaxation, usually as a break during sewing/quilting sessions, rather than putting in a lot of knitting time.  Of course this may change from time to time but I think this will work best for me.  I do still plan to knit a sweater but I will be going very slowly cuz the sewing machine and quilt frame have been calling me.

I do have to share this, a birthday gift for me from our oldest son and his wife.  They were to have come for a visit shortly after my November birthday but I got sick and we postponed it until last weekend, DH's birthday.  Anyway, I got a gift too, this striking owl ring. 

I do realize that it is a little difficult to see that it is a ring so let me pull back so you can see it better.

Can you still see it?  You can see that it is a little big but it is also very noticeable.  Of course that is kind of a strange looking hand, isn't it?

Thank you Scott and Sue.  The ring fits in perfectly in this setting on my fireplace mantle.

And they gave DH a gift card to Dunkin Donuts, which we have already used once.  This birthday thing is great, even in your 70s.

And now I am going to work on getting this new computer filled up with the programs I use.  Of course I have to find the disks and manuals, which are not always where I think I put them.  I have one that seems to have moved out cuz I haven't been able to put my hands on it but I will keep looking.  And I will have a good week, how about you?



andsewon said...

Sounds like DH loves his boot quilt and so proud of your talent to put in show! Now that is indeed a fun owl ring! Hope you wear it out as well as display it! I have to say every time I pull up your blog that cutie makes me smile! She is a baby doll!!!

Vicki W said...

The boot quits really cool!

LynCC said...

Hey! Yes - I'd be thrilled with the turn out of the boots quilt, too~! Love the coordinating contrast of the background fabrics, and the sashing fabric is perfect. Speaking of perfect fabrics. . . the branch under the owl- totally cool.

straythreads said...

your boot quilt turned out great!!!

carla said...

Hi!!!! Your boot quilt is wonderful!!!!! I love the owls too!!!! I followed over from What a Hoot!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your boot quilt is amazing!

Dar said...

Your boot quilt turned out great! I agree with your comments about knitting and quilting. I'm finding that to be true for me and I'm still on my first pair of socks!! But it is a contagious hobby. Now I want to buy a set of circular needles and have been copying and printing off patterns for the future.

Sue Daurio said...

Happy Birthday! That is quite the owl ring. Love the boot quilt, so perfect.

Kate said...

The boot quilt is perfect! Love the setting and all the blocks.

I hate setting up new computers. But after I had to set up the last one, I got smart and put all the disks in one binder so I can find them next time.