Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Little Work with a Lot of Rest In Between.

I am really excited that I am again using Live Writer to compose my blog post.  And I have my son #1 to thank as he told me where to look on the web to find it.  It is really good to have this old friend back.  Open-mouthed smile

sweater today
So, on my needles is my sweater, surprise, surprise.  I am really impressed with how it is looking and anxious to see it done.  I am trying to knit at least 4 rows a day which is almost 1”.

I have been looking at some other patterns but trying not to start another knitting project until this one is done. 

clean cutting table
I put in some time and finally got the cutting table cleared.  It is funny how difficult it is to work when you can’t see the top of the table.

Once the table was cleared I was able to square this quilt and ready it for binding.

binding sewnI even got the binding strips cut and sewn together: it is the black one.  **DH got me this tie rack a couple of years ago but it took me a couple of months to figure out how to use it.  Now I hang my 2 1/2” strips here when I am working with them: so much easier to keep them organized.  Anyway, tomorrow I will be finishing the binding and then we just have to wait for me to make the label so I can sew them  together onto the quilt.

placematsAnd while I was on a roll I went back to a UFO project, placemats.  2 or 3 years ago I made placemats for my family for Christmas and some for DH and me.  Well, I got kind of tired of placemats so our placemats have been done a little at a time.  Above are the last two.

I am quilting them using some of the fancy stitches on my new machine.

more stitches
It is so much fun to stitch fancy stitches.  I still have a few more spaces to add stitches and then on to the binding which has been ready for that 2-3 years.  Embarrassed smile

So that’s all I have been able to accomplish so far this week.  Now on to the BOMs I seem to have forgotten to do last month. 


straythreads said...

nice projects a clear table does make it easier to work. I wish I could work more organized so I didn't have to spend half a day straightening up the sewing room so I can work but then I remember creativity is not a neat process! I think that is why knitting has taken over much of my time I knit in the living room where it is not covered with the creative process. Have a great weekend

Ramona said...

Great idea about using the tie rack! Thanks!! I agree about having a clean work space. It vexes my spirit if things are too messy. It doesn't always help though... I do get messy! You asked about the Turkish Bed Socks on my blog. Here is the link:
Have fun!

Beth said...

You have been busy! And you have inspired me to tackle my sewing table. Once I get to a certain point of messiness, I have to stop everything and get some order back in my life.

Judy D in WA said...

Look at you go! You will be wearing Lady Kina any day now. :) You are getting so much done. Love the quilting on the placemats. So much fun to play with our machines.

Dar said...

Your sweater is really cute. It almost makes me want to try making a garment, but I think I need to stick to knitting socks a little longer. (I've only made one pair !!) They are so much fun. Your clean cutting table is a "good thing" as Martha would say. I need to do that too! You have gotten a lot done this week.

Kate said...

Beautiful sweater. Love the colors you used. It looks like a sunset!