Thursday, May 22, 2014

Knitting, Quilting, and Stuff

5-22 sweaterThis sweater is really coming along.  I have not been spending as much time knitting as I had been so the progress has slowed, a bit.

only 3 inches to goHowever, I am very close to where the pattern suggests to stop the body and begin the band.  However, I really like my sweaters to be a little longer, and I am adjusting for shrinkage after washing (it cotton you know) so I plan to go to 14” and then around 3” of garter stitching for the band.

I did do some pattern window shopping and have decided that my next project is going to be fingerless gloves.  My studio doesn’t have central heat or air and in the winter it takes some time to warm up.  I think that having most of my hands covered might make it easier to get in there and get busy even while the heaters are getting it warm.  Anyway, just for variety, I may start the gloves later this month.

MD baby LidhMeanwhile I went fabric shopping.  I mentioned in my last post that our family has two babies on the way but since then a third one has been announced.  The babies are due in August, November, and December.  So, I am in baby quilt planning mode.  I really want do to pieced quilts so am open to any pattern suggestions.

kid fabricI only know the sex of the August baby so am buying neutrals.  I love the bottom fabric, it may show up on more than one quilt.

flannels  I also bought flannels.  I watched a video tutorial from the Missouri Quilt Company on a self binding receiving blanket and thought, if it wasn’t too difficult, I might make a couple of them.

self binding recieving blanket

Here is the first one, completed.  Isn’t it beautiful?  I will probably be running back to the fabric store to get more of these two because I love them so much.  Anyway, this is not hard to do except that I washed my flannel and then it was not quite 40”.  For the next one I will wait to wash it until after the blanket is completed.  Or, I will just reduce the size by 1”.  Who knows?

morning bathAnd my puppy picture for today.  As I was getting dressed this morning, and obviously prior to making my bed, I looked over to see his.  Abby is giving Sherlock his morning bath.  And, unlike many young boys, he is just lying there, taking it.  This really does make for one very happy family.

Other knitting ideas can be seen at the link up at Patchwork Times.  Have a great rest of the the week. 


Kate said...

You'll have lots of cute baby things when you get finished.

Bonnie said...

Boy you did go shopping! I love the owl grouping. I recently saw a garlic knot block enlarged to maybe 4" units. The two inside blocks were conversation prints, such as your little colored owls. Then there were two other fabrics with one being a neutral. I'll have to find it and post the pic on my blog some day. Great eye candy today.

Ramona said...

Your sweater is just gorgeous. Love all of your baby quilt fabric. The the flannel blanket is wonderful! I'd go back for more, too. :)

Judy S. said...

Love the quilt fabrics! Those are lucky babies. Your sweater is coming along nicely! It's a very pretty color. Fingerless gloves are really fun to make.

Maggie said...

Love your sweater!
I have not worked much with flannels, will they shrink the same amount? If I wasn't sure about that I would prewash and then make the blanket smaller.

Beth said...

Love the sweater. It is so cheerful. I want to try the blanket pattern. Thanks for the ideas.

Gretchen said...

Love the baby quilt fabrics!!! Especially the owls:)