Sunday, May 4, 2014

Good Start to May

Every day last week I put in some time quilting DH's Boots quilt.  After quilting the majority of the quilt I began detailing the 12 boots.  This morning I made it up to the top row of boots when I discovered this.  The top of this boot had not been appliqued down.  Of course I did make them about 2 years ago but it was a shock when the hopping foot tried to take that piece of fabric out. 

I decided to cover this mistake with a curlicue stitching.  It took me longer than I expected to detail all of the boots because of the numerous thread changes due to the variety of colors I had used.  I must remember that when working on other applique projects. 

And early today I completed the quilting of this quilt.  I still need to cut the strips for the binding but that will have to wait until I can clear the cutting table.  I must figure out how to put things away so they don't pile up where I don't really want them. 

Below are two of the several quilt labels I am making.  I used to make my labels as I finished my quilts but I have fallen woefully behind.  But our guild is having a show in November so I am trying to get caught up. 

And last but not least, here is my
design wall today.  I decided to finally get busy working on my Celtic Solstice.  I had pieces but nothing put together so today I put 5 blocks together and up on the wall.  And I seem to have made a mistake: can you find it?  I guess I know what I will be doing tomorrow.  :-(

I will be linking with Patchwork Times along with several other talented quilters.  I never have time to read all the blogs that link there but if you go over there, too, between us we can get them all read.  :-)  Have a great week,  Gari


Ramona said...

Your labels are wonderful. Making labels is my least favorite part of quilting. You left a comment on my blog on Friday regarding the bed socks I am knitting. I couldn't respond because your comment wasn't emailed to me. If you respond to this comment, I will be able to answer your question. :)

Kwiltzby Stephanie said...

Cute boots and great colors in your blocks!

Kate said...

Fun labels! At least you found the problem while you were quilting it and not after you washed it!

Roslyn said...

Your labels are great Gari and what is livewriter"??