Sunday, May 18, 2014

May 19th Design Wall

design wall 5-19-14Sometime this past week I realized that I needed to make a baby quilt.  In fact I realized that I currently need to make three: DH wants one for a student he is exceptionally proud of and there are two pregnant women in our family.  So here is the start of baby quilt #1.  The white tumblers are part of the group I “found” when routing in my white fabric stash: I do not remember cutting them. 

tumbler bearsThe bear fabric has been in my stash for ages and I cut up all I had.  This is as big as this quilt can get.  In love

sewing starts
I did start sewing these together but it was late Sunday afternoon so I didn’t get very far.

I do plan to do some fabric shopping later this week for backing for this little quilt and for the two others.

Esther tablerunner beginsI have decided to start another new project, a table runner designed by Esther Aliu.  She designs wonderful applique quilts but they are way beyond my abilities so I was excited when she offered her yahoo group a table runner for Easter.  Of course it is way past Easter but I think I can do this one so I have kind of started.  I am going to work slowly on this but it should show up every once in a while.

our house behind the treesThis is a picture of our house.  Look closely, through our trees, and you can see it.  I am showing this because Saturday evening no where looked so good. 


Saturday afternoon DH and I went to Pensacola (120 miles) to check out a couple of antique malls, looking for small acrylic shelving (no luck).  We had a great afternoon and got home around 7pm.  However, upon getting out of the car I realized that I didn’t have my purse.  We decided that I had left it at a frozen yogurt shop way back in FL.  I called and they had found my purse so we jumped in the car and again headed toward the Gulf coast.   We finally got home, to stay, a little after midnight and even in the dark, our home never looked better.   Nothing like a little excitement to spice up life, huh?

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Ramona said...

Glad you found your purse! Your bear tumblers are so cute! Happy sewing. :)

Sue Daurio said...

Love tumblers and that bear fabric is so sweet. Thanks the heads up on the table runner, I'll have to go take a look. I love Esthers' designs, but I'm with you on a full quilt. I think it would take me a life time to do one of her quilts, but a table runner, maybe only a couple of years. Love the fabrics you choose so far. And thank goodness your purse was there.

Diana in RR,TX said...

May steal your idea for a baby quilt! Had not thought of making a tumbler one. Will make mine scrappy since they usually don't get delivered until the baby is closer to being a one year old. Have plenty of scraps here for an I spy version!!!!! Thanks for the idea! Glad you found your purse. Home does look good after something like that!

Kathie said...

so glad you got your purse back ok.

The tumbler quilt is going to be so cute. I love making baby/kids quilts. Fun to do and do't take forever.

Kate said...

Very cute for a baby. I love that bear fabric.

So glad you got your purse back. That must have been some road trip!

Anonymous said...

Oh no! So glad you got your purse back safe and sound. I am loving your quilt and I think that making a quilt for babies is one of my favorite things to do. Well done!