Sunday, November 2, 2008

This was a very good quilting day. I completed my Christmas Disappearing 9 Patch, picture tomorrow, and got started on my Christmas wall hanging called Practicing:

I have decided I will have to do some fabric painting on the sky: too many moons. This is the top half and has only been ironed on.

Meanwhile, this is what was going on in the house...

I think they think I make quilts just for them.


  1. of course you do! all pets think that everything is all about them..why ever else would we exist for?
    your comments left on my blog do not have your email address, so I came visiting to say thanks for stopping by! I see the D9P on your frame- looks great !

  2. LOL Look att hose pups! It WAS made just for them ;) Love the littleheadont he pillow :) And the reindeer are really lovely. How do you now sew them on? Machine or by hand? Thanks for all your comments. I too have a terrible time with fluid and it gets me down at times. Congrats on your 40+#s and your daughter's 50! Fantastic!


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