Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ever hear of a White Tailed Ponce?

This is Ponce out in the woods: Big tan hunter of the South.

Isn’t he a beauty?

So you know how the best laid plans sometimes go awry? Well, a couple of days prior to Ponce, our granddog, coming to visit, Abby went into heat. Ponce is fixed so we have no fears of puppies but we have a couple of very friendly dogs.

I had already said that they would be very good friends but I didn’t expect them to be this good of friends. They run, play, and spend lots of time hanging out on the deck.
While the puppies were playing I was working in the studio and got four blocks quilted.

Now this may not seem like much but with each one I had to spend some time figuring out how to quilt it. I do have a problem. The backing is stretching and thus I am getting tucks . If this was someone else’s quilt I would take it all out (oh what an awful thought) but since it is mine and will only be seen by me, I am seeing this as a practice quilt. I am really liking the quilting and even with the messy back I will love the quilt.


Jessica said...

He looks great! Thanks for posting about him, it helps me with my withdrawal. Everyone looks like they're having a great time! :-)

Julie said...

Ponce is so handsome! Abby seems to be a good hostess.
I hate when quilt backs pucker. I am envious of your quilting machine. I have to use my regular old Pfaff.

Kay said...

The more the merrier with dogs, right? They are having fun together, and I bet you are too.

QuiltedSimple said...

Looks like they are having lots of fun! And your quilt is truly beautiful - I love the colors.