Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Things I have Learned

Things I have learned this week: #1 Ponce is a great foot rest. Not a great shot of me but look how patient he is being. His mommy wrote that they have put a contract in on a new house with a big back yard so Ponce is beginning to get excited about his move next month.

#2 Watermelon, after what seemed like a very long winter, is WONDERFUL!

I am the only one here who likes watermelon so all of this little one is for me. I hadn’t been home for 15 minutes when I had to slice into it. Mmmmm, good!

#3 Even with it’s faults, I really do love this quilt (see above). I quilted two more blocks this morning and some of the sashing.

Two more blocks, sashing and borders and the quilting will be done. I guess it is about time to look for binding. I used to know what I wanted to use but now I am not sure: it will probably be green since that is the predominant color. Since tomorrow is the last day of April I don’t see this quilt being a finish for this month. I have another one I want/need to get done in May and would really like to see the B/W log cabin done before summer so I guess I have my “work” cut out for me.


Pat said...

Your "footrest" looks patient but he also looks like he is saying, "Enough, already!!!" LOL Nice blocks you showed in this post. As for binding...heck...I'm always changing my mind about it.

Anonymous said...

HE kinda has a look in his eyes like, when will this be over? He is a cutie!!!

Roslyn Atwood said...

Nice work Gari! Too bad about the tucks why did the backing stretch?
We will be gone to Australia 2 1/2 weeks,18th. May is my Dad's 98th.b'day. Yep I always stock up on the Aus. quilt mags while I'm there.