Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Once again I have been gifted by other bloggers and am really excited to share. The first were a set of vintage I Spy squares from Amy at Diary of a Quilter .

I had thought I would do an I Spy quilt with them but they are so vintage that I have another idea. Last year my mother gave me a box of my baby clothes, some she had made. I have had an idea to make a shadow box display with them and since the clothes, and I, are vintage, too, I may make a baby type quilt to be a background to the shadow box. Anyway, “thank you, Amy” for the beautiful squares.

My other gift is this Koala Quilt from Ros at Ros-The-Quilter .

Isn’t it wonderful? I have never been given a finished quilt before. It is quilted with leaf quilting and it looks so good. I plan to hang it in my studio as soon as I find a clean wall space (not easy in my place).

Despite the title of my blog, there has been no quilting in this part of the South. Yesterday I was mowing the lawn, doing dishes and cleaning the house. Today DH and I drove 140 miles to buy a wicker chest of drawers that I saw on Saturday but didn’t buy (pictures later). Ever do that? See something, decide not to get it and then have to turn around and go back to get it after thinking about it for several days? This happens to me all the time: practical one day and foolish the next.

Anyway, no quilting while on the road. Tomorrow or Friday I am driving 200 miles to pick up our granddog who will be visiting with us for 3-4 weeks. We really love him and he is going to be a great play pal for Abby, the sleepy daschund in the above picture. And you will probably see lots of pictures of them in the weeks to come. Tomorrow or Friday I may get some quilting done. Saturday there is a birthday party for our great grandson: Skylar will be 1 year old. I can’t believe it has been one whole year. And Sunday will truly be a day of rest. For someone who isn’t planning on taking a vacation this summer, I am certainly on the road a lot.

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jovaliquilts said...

I am curious about the shadow box idea. I love I Spy quilts, but it does seem a shame to mix those great vintage novelty prints in with the more modern ones. Do post what you come up with!