Thursday, February 11, 2010

I guess the South decided it didn’t want to be left out in the Winter Storms of the Century so this is what we are looking at.

Our DD called and asked if I would like to go to the store with her and it was just like I remember from a 32” snowstorm we had in Chicago: lots and lots of people buying groceries like they would not be able to get to a store for at least a week. It was really funny. We are told we may get up to 4” which will close down most everything since we are not prepared either to clear the streets or to drive on them.

The sane part of my day was spent putting together the DNP blocks I finished earlier in the week.

I also put a 1” inner border on: the blue stripe came from stash. Next I plan a 4-5” gray border and it will then be ready for quilting.

Earlier this week I also got my last block done for the Eleanor Burns BOM. This picture was taken prior to piecing the pieces.

This was fun: I made it a paper pieced block. I enjoyed making this one and may have to use it more in a quilt of it’s own. I also found templates for 3” drunkard’s path blocks I want to use for this quilt so I will start cutting fabric for them.

So, as I post this the weatherman is almost hyperventilating as he shows the snow coming. All schools and government offices are going to be closed. This is a really big deal here: 4".

Have a happy Valentine's Day and be sure to hug someone, it feels good.


karenfae said...

LOL it is the same here. People in the south have a hard time dealing with snow and ice. I guess it is a big deal because they have little snow removal equipment. Most of the time though you are only inconvenienced for a couple days at most. We just missed this storm, in Arkansas on your map we are right above the snow line :) we are still dealing with the six inches we got earlier in the week. It is staying colder longer this time and it is not melting fast - but our roads were clear the next day because they had been warm.

Lurline said...

Love your quilt - stay safe in the snowstorm!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Kelly Ann said...

Stay warm.....

True Blue Nana said...

I got up this am and saw that we might get 2-4 inches tonight! We are headed to the grocery store in just a few minutes!! Got to get that bread and milk.

Gretchen said...

I am so happy not to be left out anymore with the rest of the country enjoying the snow. Anxiously waiting here in the ATL for the first flakes to arrive.