Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl Weekend

I got a call from DS#3 Saturday morning. He lives in MD (metro DC) and was buried in snow.

He offered for me to come up to visit (not likely) and sent a picture of his car.

He did say that the dog, granddog Ponce, was loving it, but they were not as happy since the power went off during the night. When we got off the phone I went online to see the radar and it looked like not only were they in for a lot more storm but that the storm was not moving very fast, if at all.

This morning, however, he wrote on Facebook that the temp in the house was down to 45F and without power they were going to miss the Super Bowl so they were off to the in-laws. See, I didn’t raise a complete dummy!

Design Wall:

While we were not enjoying snow here in the South I was sewing on my DNP blocks for my comfort quilt. These were my trial blocks. Notice anything wrong?

Well, it seems that 5.5” squares can’t be cut in half at 3”. Did I ever mention that I never took geometry? Anyway, I cut both of the trial blocks the same way so I seem to be a slow learner.

But I did learn and am cutting the real blocks right. I have 6 of the 12 blocks cut so I should have this top done sometime this week.

Check out Judy’s blog for other design wall projects.

Sunday I was going to work on two BOMs but instead I decided to visit a quilt shop that was having a Super Bowl sale. I walked through the store twice, going in the opposite direction each time, and look what I found on my second trip through.

Aren’t these luscious? I could almost see a quilt just looking at the yardage. And I do see polka dots in my future: no gift quilt here!


Pat said...

I have been told "You can never go wrong with polka dots"....and I've started to collect them, too.

joanne lendaro said...

Can you believe all of that snow?!?!?! Dots and strips...doesn't that make your eyes go crazy while cutting? Love the bright colors!

karenfae said...

Isn't that snow something - one sister and one brother of mine live in northern Maryland too and they didn't loose power but both got about 30 to 36 inches of snow! Too much for me - we woke up to snow again today also and I hope it has stopped for the day but they say we might get more - it finally all melted from what we got last week!and now to start over again.

Kelly Ann said...

I feel his pain, we only lost our power for 4 hours but with 21 inches of snow on the ground and another 5 to 10 coming our way tomorrow night I think I'm ready to move in with you...

AnnieO said...

My cousin who lives in Rockville, MD sent similar pictures. She did manage to get her car unburied after the storm and I didn't hear she lost power. As for your son, Dang that's cold for a house temperature! Hope they had some type of fireplace to huddle around.

Nice day for sewing you had. Love the dots too!

True Blue Nana said...

I am glad they got the snow and not us! I love what happened with the strips in the D9P. It makes me want to run out try it. I also love love dots.

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Ok..the snow way..I can hardly handle the 42 degrees we have in NC. Next, I took geometry and it meant nothing then and means nothing now. I say good design sense rules over all and the rest just falls into place. hee,hee,hee.

Gina said...

Love those fabrics.

Love and hugs Gina xxx