Sunday, February 21, 2010

What fool decided… Part 2

If you remember from last time, I couldn’t find the drawing I made of the quilt using the drunkard’s path blocks. Well, I still haven’t found it so I spent Friday night, while watching TV, redrawing it. And guess what. I find that if I do it as I drew it I will be making 178 of those little 3” blocks. 178!!!!! So I am rethinking the design, just a little. Since I only have 46 made I figure I have a while to “rethink.”

Ed: Thought about doing appliqué in place of some of the DP blocks but decided I like my first idea and will just push through. I am kind of getting a rhythm going.

So on the design wall is the beginning of how this quilt center will be laid out. It is going to be pretty busy but I am liking it more and more. Nothing is sewn together because I will be moving both the sampler blocks and the DP blocks around to get the color matches as right as I can. But I can’t do that until all of the DP blocks are done.

Also on the wall are the Bunny Hill blocks that I have completely finished, 6 more to go.

Last time I showed them the appliqué was done but I hadn’t started the hand embroidery. This past week or two I have been taking a little time out to work on that and it has gone pretty well. I can’t remember how to do all the stitches I used to do but I’ve got the stem stitch down pat.

And look what I found.

I thought when I made my last move I had thrown all my embroidery stuff away: I had moved into the realm of machine embroidery. However, I did check in a storage area of the studio and there in a lone plastic bag was all this thread and a cross stitch project I started 15 years ago. Actually, the stitching is done but the young man I was making it for is graduating from high school this year so I don’t think he would appreciate it as much as he might have years ago.

And a little family stuff: This is our granddaughter’s boyfriend’s new car.

It is a customized Honda Civic. Check out those gull wing doors.

and here is Skylar, a man and his car. ;-)

And what did our granddaughter get? Well, meet Heineken. He is a 9 week old Great Pyrenees. Do you think they really know how big he is going to get or how much grooming they will have to do? I know that when we were that young we would never have done such a thing……NOT. I guess that’s what being young is for. Time enough for being practical.


Lurline said...

A wonderful, interesting Post, thanks Gari. So newsy - nice to see what's ahppening in other parts of the world. I still have those same threafds stored away, too. That car - that puppy - all delightful!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Pat said...

I"m glad you found your threads. Had to laugh about the puppy! And....what a WILD car!!! Your design wall is looking wonderful with all those terrific things on it.

karenfae said...

what a car! I have a small box of embroidery thread that I have used for about 20 years now and still pick out bits to use with my applique projects. I'm not even sure when I last bought embroidery thread (I hadn't used it much in years but recently using more than I used to) - I sure hope it is still good to use and that it isn't "too old" I wonder how old is to old for that kind of thread?

Jessica said...

Car = meh
Skylar = adorable
Puppy = so cute!

Judy said...

The puppy is adorable and I'm very happy he doesn't live at my house. ;)
Fancy schmancy car! Love the baskets and stop counting the DP blocks--that will scare you away. I love the design wall!

dee said...

My car guys are enthralled with the Honda. Used to date a guy with a Mercedes gull wing back in the very dark ages. Very nice wheels.
I can't tell you how great Great Pyrenees are as dogs. They are so wonderful with a wonderful personality. I know 2 people with these dogs and they would never get any other kind. They do get BIG but they're not slobbery or smelly like some big dogs. You're right Gari-that's what youth is for.

belinda said...

You have been busy over here....lots of good stuff on your projects. I sure like some of that
machine quilting you have done!!

Julie in the Barn said...

Your Bunny Hill baskets are sooo cute. I'm like Karenfae, been using the same stash of embroidery thread for 25 years. I use such small amounts that I don't worry about having the perfect shade of a color. Funny about the dog. I always said I'd never have another long haired dog!!!

Diane said...

Hi Geri! Love your bunny hill blocks (I've yet to start mine-I know..)
My neighbor across the street has a G Pyrennes---I think she puts a saddle on him sometimes...hehe

SubeeSews said...

Are you using the Curve-Master foot to piece the drunkard's path? I bought one years ago and have never used it.
I think the puppy is a perfect size as he is. They great REALLY large don't they?