Monday, February 15, 2010

The Weekend That Was

Snow (picture heavy)

Friday it snowed ....................

Saturday it started to melt and then froze.

Sunday it’s almost gone.

My wall has not changed since Thursday when I put the teal inner border on. Next week I hope to get the gray outer borders cut and stitched and then begin working on the backing. Check out other design walls at Judy's blog.

I finally got this baby quilt on the frame and Saturday began quilting.

I chose this panto and it is not as easy as it looks, lots of back/over stitching.

I got 3 passes done before the studio started to cool down (sunset) so I quit. I will try to get back to it today.

Close up of the front.

And the back.

Sunday DH took me to Cracker Barrel where we had Sunday Brunch: French toast, eggs, and bacon. Even though I brought half of the French toast home, I was still stuffed. I may need to try the gym again: need to figure out a regular exercise routine.


Pat said...

It seems most everyone is having weather "issues" this year. I hope it gets more "normal" soon. The quilt is looking really good!

True Blue Nana said...

Same here in NC. Some melting yesterday. We are expecting rain today and a heat wave-50!! Should have more melting today.

Judy said...

I am so happy we haven't been hit with any major snow this year. We had a couple days and that has been all.
I love the panto--what is the name of that one, I'd like to get it for my collection.
We were just talking about Cracker Barrel. When DD2 lived in AZ, that was the 1st stop after the airport on the way to her house. :-) Someone needs to open one in SW WA but not me!!

Diane said...

love the quilting. My mother-in-law told me last week that she heard on the news this year every state except for Hawaii has had some snow! Maybe we should all take a couple snowballs to Hawaii, it's a shame they're left out :)

KatieQ said...

I love the panto you chose for the baby quilt.

Miri said...

I love the quilting on the baby quilt-and glad it really shows up on the back!

Thanks for the snow, its like summer and all our farmer neighbors are getting worried it will get cold again (like it seasonably should) .

Anonymous said...

The quilt is lovely! I can see how the back tracking could be tricky! You did a great job and it IS a divine panto! Worth the effort!