Wednesday, February 24, 2010

DP Progress & Diamonds

I know it isn't Design Wall Monday but I wanted to share how far I have gotten with my current quilt. I am really liking how my Drunkard's Path blocks are turning out and what I am doing with them.

However, starting on Tuesday there has been no sewing going on. First came a concert. DH got tickets to see The Diamonds in Panama City, FL. Many will not have heard of them but when I was in high school, late 50s, they were a hot rock & roll singing group. And "our song" was Little Darlin'. The audience was about 300 people "of a certain age" who rocked with the music and happily remembered American Bandstand. What fun we had.

And, while we were driving to the concert we got a call from DH's sister saying that she and her husband were in our town, ready to visit. Did we know they were coming? No! So we told them we would be back after midnight and today has been a full day of visiting.

This is George and Cera. They are from NH and came south to find warmer weather. Boy did they pick the wrong winter to make this trip. Anyway, we just came home from dinner with our daughter, son in law, grandson, granddaughter, and great grandson. Lots of stories and laughter.

They will be here for the next two days and then I will have to do a big quilting push in order to have a February finish for OPAM. Wish me luck.


Pat said...

Love the way your DP is looking. SNOW here again...UGH!!!

joanne lendaro said...

LOVE the quilt!! LOVE IT!! Sounds like you had a fun night! Isn't it fun to be young again?!! Have a fantastic day!

Todd said...

Yay for Aunt Cera and Uncle George!

Shasta said...

It can't be that cold - Cera and George aren't wearing coats! Your design wall looks great - I'm glad you found templates that small. I have 7 inch drunkard path acrylic templates - love them, but something smaller would probably be more versatile.

quiltingnana said...

I remember the song....and your drunkard's path is going to be beautiful

QuiltedSimple said...

LOVELY quilt and sounds like you've had a fun visit