Thursday, July 10, 2014

Back to Normal

 Eric's van
 Sharing this picture of DH shows a little of our long July 4th weekend with friends.  I had only three days at home to rest up from my trip to Mother’s before we were off for 4 days of fun and frivolity.  We got home Sunday night and although I got up and dressed on Monday I quickly returned to bed where the puppies and I napped on and off all day. 

2 dishcloths & 1 washclothOn Tuesday I again was up and dressed but still tired so I used my time knitting.  Here are two dishcloths and one washcloth.  I have a couple more that worked on while at Mother’s but I still need to weave in the yarn ends.

I spent Wednesday doing laundry and winding bobbins for the quilt on the frame.

row 1And today I started quilting.  I forgot to take a picture until I had rolled for the second pass.  I would have done the second row but a storm blew up with thunder so I decided to return to knitting for the rest of the afternoon. 

row 1 back

I can show how the back is turning out.  I love how the stitching shows on the Minkie.  I am doing just the loops on the border and some individual designs on the blocks.  If the weather behaves I should have better shots for Monday’s post.

 I have worked for a few hours on this sweater.  It is pretty show going but I now have about 5” of the yoke done.  I need about 2 1/2” more before I can start on the sleeves: keep knitting!

We did have a little drama today as our 15 year old Shi-Tzu became ill: unresponsive, good eye closed (she is blind in the other eye) but she didn’t appear to be suffering.  I took her to the vet who said that she was breathing all right and had only a mild fever.  He gave her a shot, a Rx for an antibiotic, and meds for her eyes.  She seems some better but I anticipate that this is only temporary.  Sad smile

While at the vet’s he told us about a doxie that is looking for a new home.  I had to resist my normal “I’ll take her” because I have already realized how difficult it is to handle the 3 I now have when I take them out on their leashes.  And DH reminded me that it has been especially difficult when I was having to use my cane. 

So we are planning for a quiet weekend which I hope will include plenty of quilting, knitting, appliqueing, and maybe even some regular sewing.  How about you?    Gari


Judy D in WA said...

Looks like you had a very productive week despite being so tired. Love the quilting on Minkie. Poor little Shi-Tzu, hope she is better soon. When I got my little dog, the vet told me to be careful that I do not become a little dog hoarder. For me 2 big dogs and 1 little is enough. Although I want to save them all. That's why I can't go to the shelter unless I am ready to come home with another dog.
It's going to be super hot this week here so I think lots of inside knitting, crochet and quilting are in order.

Judy S. said...

You are brave to work on Minkie; I think it's very slippery! Are you knitting a Lady Kina? I thought yours looks a lot like what I'm working on. Pretty color!

Ramona said...

I've never worked with Minkie and love how yours looks. All of your projects are lovely. Quite a list of projects! I agree with Judy.... your sweater yarn is very pretty.

kathy b said...

Oh I am so sorry your pup is failing. Our cat is having issues too. They have such short little lives. Ive had to turn down a foster from the animal shelter as our elderly cat is entitled to our full care right now.
Love all your stitch work

Kate said...

It takes a while to recover from trips. Looks like you are back up to full throttle and making lots of progress.