Thursday, July 17, 2014

Flying Needles

half a heelI am making great progress on these socks.  I have a little over half done on the heal and will soon be headed up the leg.

I like how the heel looks.  And these are really sturdy socks.  I bet my feet will be nice and warm this winter.  And, I may just have to make another pair.

6 inches
I am a little behind in my sweater knitting.  My first reason is that I have been doing more sewing (see the next post) and I also have started a couple of new knitting projects.  I usually have a washcloth/dishcloth started and today I started a bulky scarf.  I forgot to take pictures so they will show up next week.  Anyway, I am about 6” along with the sweater.  I need to do another 1.5” and then I can knit off the sleeves.  This will reduce the stitches by 120 which will make the rest of the stitching go a little faster.  But I am in no hurry, I am enjoying the process.

pillow-blanketI love sharing puppy pictures and this one is just funny.  It is blurry because I took it at 2 am.  Abby likes to sleep under the covers but since I was sleeping on top of them she had to settle for crawling under a pillow.  You know, it is hard to  keep from laughing as you struggle to get your phone (camera) and not wake the sleeping dog. 

And now I am going to close this post and get back to my knitting.  I will be sharing this on Patchwork Times tomorrow.   Gari


Ramona said...

Your socks do look warm and sturdy! I hope you won't need those for many months! Your puppy picture is too funny. :)

Dar said...

I like your socks - wish I would get the courage to try toe up on circular, but learning 2 new things at one time might be hard for an "old dog like me". Your puppy looks content with the new sleeping arrangement. Funny.

Kate said...

The socks to look snuggly, just perfect for when the colder weather comes back.

Such a funny doggy, but he definitely looks comfortable.