Thursday, July 24, 2014

I Sit and Knit

working on sleeveThis has been a week of minor accomplishments at home and major accomplishments by the family.  Here I have completed the yoke of my sweater and the sleeve (a short sleeved sweater).  I need to bind off the sleeve but will be looking up a stretchy bind off before I get that done.

heading to the cuffAnd look at the progress I have made on my socks.  I know they will only have a short leg but I haven’t decided how short it will be so I am still knitting.  And, of course, I will need that stretchy bind off for them, too.

Heavy scarfAnd just so I don’t get bored, I have started a scarf.  I think I have made it a little too wide but I really hate the idea of ripping it out.  Maybe I'll make a fuzzy pillow with what I have and then start the scarf again.  …….?

new dishclothAnd always in my knitting life is and will be the easy, no thinking dishcloth and/or washcloth. 

Wow, this suggests that I am still loving knitting, doesn’t it.  For two days this week I went to the studio and just knit.  It is such a great way to keep busy but not have to move.  Be right back

Meanwhile the family has been busy.  Our daughter’s husband’s father has been in the hospital (90 miles away) since last Sunday.  Our plans were to be shopping on Monday so we went to the town where the hospital was.  While she visited I knitted in the car (I told you I am really enjoying my knitting).  Then she shopped for nurses scrubs: she started a new job the next day.  While she shopped I, again, knitted in the car.  I guess that’s why I got so much done on those socks.

And while we were shopping here in AL our younger sonGus on receiving blanket (and twin to the daughter I was with) and his wife, in MD, were giving birth to their second child.

Meet August who is expressing his displeasure while reclining on one of the receiving blankets I made for him.

Gus's GiftsI had just sent him these “shower” gifts but he decided to come two weeks early so they weren’t there until after he came home.  Anyway I’m sure you recognize the quilt and then there are two receiving blankets (pattern at the Missouri Star Quilting Co.), a John Deere onesie, and the sock monkey overalls and shirt (I did not make the last two). 

Elsa meets GusAnd here is the treat you get because you read to the end.  Here is my header granddaughter meeting her baby brother for the first time.  The lady holding the baby is the mother’s mother who gets to live close to these beautiful children.  I do envy her.

I will be linking up with Patchwork Times so come on over and see what everyone else is working on.  Some of them even get their knitting projects done.  Confused smile


Bonnie said...

You really have taken to knitting. Seeing all you are working on makes me want to get out my socks and knit of them. It' sheen months since I had them out. Congratulations on the newest grandson. And the granddaughter looks very happy to have a little brother. Lots going on in your life as usual. Thanks for sharing it all.

Judy D in WA said...

Congratulations on your adorable grandson. The look on little girl's face is priceless! So many great knitting projects! The Homespun will be a fabulous scarf. The cardigan is looking good!

Ramona said...

Congrats!! On your new grand baby. The pictures are adorable. Your knitting projects are beautiful, too. You have been busy!

Judy S. said...

Congrats on the new grandson! Nice work on all your projects. I love Homespun; it's great for shawls.

Dar said...

All your knitting projects are looking good. I would say that you "love" to knit. I agree that it is very addictive. I want to be doing it more, but some people want meals cooked, and clean clothes -- can you believe it!? lol Congrats on the new arrival in your family.

Kate said...

Congrats on the new addition to the family. Lots of cool knitting projects going on. I really love your green socks.

Gari in AL said...

What a cute baby.