Thursday, January 12, 2017

First Knitting Finish

I am so excited.  These are my first finish for the New Year.  They were started several months ago but got put on the back burner.  They really are "leftover" socks, using leftover yarn from two previous pair but look pretty snazzy, if I do say so myself.  As I was finishing them I was concerned that they were too big but, as you can see, they fit perfectly.

And here I am, back to working on the back of my cardigan.  I wasn't able to knit a stitch during the 5 days we puppy-sat with our daughter's 2 month old doxie puppy (see previous post).  Since taking this picture I have knit 6 rows of stockinet stitch.  I have 12 more rows to go and the back will be done.

Previously we put all our outside plants inside so they wouldn't die in the below freezing temps.  Yesterday we put them back outside (they are much happier there) and this one showed her appreciation by blooming.  There is another grouping on the other side and another set of buds ready to pop.  Blooms in January are so much appreciated.

We are expecting company this weekend, oldest son and daughter in law, so we know we will be having fun and lots of laughs.  I hope all who read this also have a great weekend, and not too much snow.   Gari


Mary said...

Love your socks!

straythreads said...

great socks! morning plants back outside that won't happen here until May enjoy your nice weather

Dar said...

Your socks look great! They would feel nice and warm here where I am since we are getting the ice storm for the weekend.

Your plant looks very healthy. Mine won't be able to go outside and play until probably May or June. I never have much luck with wintering over many of the blooming plants, but I try every year. Have a great weekend. I'm staying in and knitting and sewing while the ice falls.

carol fun said...

Great looking socks... and in my book those are free socks since you already knit something else from it! The sweater is looking good too. Oh I'm longing for Spring... and it is going to be quite a while before it shows up in Ohio so it is nice to see those pretty blooms!

Kate said...

Very nice left over socks! Hope you had a great weekend with the family.

Nann said...

Your socks look planned, not leftover. (Kind of like scrappy quilting.)