Sunday, April 30, 2017

Leftover Yarn

What do you do with leftover yarn?  I have some from other projects, not enough for any project I am looking at but still filling my stash bins.  So, when I finished knitting the pieces for my sweater (still not sewn together) I decided I needed a hat to go with it.

But I still had yarn left over.  So this is the beginning of a scarf.  I am making up the pattern but it is pretty much mindless knitting. That will give me time to figure out what I want to start next.  I know I want to knit a pair of socks (bright orange) but I need to go through a couple of books and web sites to find something challenging as my second project.

We have been dog sitting our daughter's 6 month old doxie puppy: she has been here for 10 days.  I am exhausted.  Our three doxies were not thrilled with her but she finally won them over and got two of them to play with her.  Anyway, our daughter just got back from her vacation and both she and her puppy, Dallas, were very happy to see each other.  They have now gone home and all is quiet in our little home.  But I have to say it was fun playing with a puppy again. 

Happy knitting, Gari

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Lindah said...

Hi Gari
You will have a lovely matched set. I never learned to knit, but my aunt did teach me to crochet when I was about 10 yrs old. A long time ago!

One time, in our early years of parenthood, we bought an old, fixer-upper house. The elderly lady who lived there was not well, so we told her not to worry about cleaning. She didn't. On the back, sleeping porch sat an old chest of drawers. I'm sure she used it to empty her vacuum bag. But one of the drawers was stuffed with bits of yarn and half done yarn projects. All different colors. So, I unraveled it all and rolled all the yarn into various colored balls. Once we were settled in, I took up my crochet hook and began making a grandmother's flower garden afghan, using black as the outer row and border. It turned out quite nicely. I still have it. It brings to mind all the adventures we had in bringing that house up to a more livable condition. And the fun we had as a family, living in that house and neighborhood.

Kate said...

You'll have a beautiful matched set when you get all your pieces done. Hopefully you've fully recovered from all your babysitting duties.