Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bye, Ponce

So today was the day Ponce went home. It seemed like the dogs knew, even before we headed for the car, that something was up. Here they are, watching from the deck, but not trying to get out and come with us.

Once the half gone bag of dog food and the dog blanket were in the car, everyone was loaded in.

We had an uneventful drive, stopping once for a pit stop at a rest area. The puppies settled down quickly but Abby soon made the move to the front and Ponce stretched out on the back seat.

Each family drove 3 hours to meet in Tallahassee. This is the fourth time we have exchanged Ponce there, we are really good at this: drove in at the exact same time. Ponce was really glad to see his folks. Interestingly, Ponce and his folks will be moving to MD on Friday so this will be the last time he will be staying with us.

After a lunch at Subway we headed for home. Abby was really tired after seeing her friend off and napped almost all the way home.

What was really interesting was that when we got home and I took her out to the back yard, she just looked and looked for Ponce in all the places he likes to go. I think it will take a little while before she gives up looking for him.

Me, too.


Pat said...

I can tell you returned Ponce to his folks with mixed feelings. *sigh* Abby will be a bit confused for awhile, I'm sure. Where in MD are they moving? (I'm hoping it might be in one of the parts near me and then I could MEET you one time if you visit them. I'm somehow doubting it, though, as the parts near me are Salisbury...Ocean City......Pocomoke...and other eastern shore areas.

loulee said...

It's weird isn't it? I used to dog sit for some folks and I always felt like something was missing when the pups went home.

QuiltedSimple said...

Oh how sad! At least you had him for a little while