Saturday, May 30, 2009

Celebrate Good Times

I don’t know about everyone else, but since I started this blog last October, I have tried to keep a camera with me at all times. So, when our great grandson was having his first birthday, who do you think forgot her camera? Well, that’s right. But our grandson was there with his so I asked him if he would email me his pictures and, of course he said yes. The birthday was 4/24/09 and I got the pictures 5/29/09 and only when he was told I wouldn’t get him some food from Olive Garden unless he had sent the pictures (that came from his mother, not me).

Anyway, here are three pictures from Skylar’s first birthday in April:

With Grandpa......

With mom and presents........

and outside with Big Boy toys. Notice that he “dressed down” after eating cake with lots of icing.

One month later came our granddaughter’s graduation: Skylar’s mother. Her parents and grandparents were very proud of her accomplishment. Notice that she graduated an honor student.

Here are her parents, Skylar and his father, all cheering with excitement at the big moment.

As a final celebration, DD, DSIL, DH and I spent the day, yesterday, driving to FL to eat at Red Lobster and shop. We have been planning this trip for two months to celebrate: 1) both guy’s birthdays in March, both gal’s achieving lifetime at Weight Watcher’s in April and now DGD’s graduation in May. We had a great time, ate well, and shopped in our favorite places: LQS’s for me, Bass Pro for DSIL, Books A Million for DH and Barnes and Nobel for DD. Then we came home, tired but happy: no pictures.

Today it is back to the old routine. With some luck I hope to have my black and white loaded on the frame this afternoon: have to piece the backing first but have a plan and most of it cut out so it shouldn’t take too long.

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Kay said...

Oh, kudos to your grand-daughter! With a baby, it can't have been easy.