Thursday, May 7, 2009

We Have RAIN!

We have had rain: Sunday = 2.5”, Monday = 1.5”, Tuesday = 1.5”, and Wednesday = 1”. Today, so far, it has not rained but we have a 50% chance it will show up before the day is over. Now you are not hearing any complaints from me. I was born and raised in Oregon, I love rain. Not so fond of lightening and possible tornadoes but they just go along with rain in Alabama. I tend to sew in between storms and to either do housework or computer work, on the battery, when it is storming.

Yesterday I took off for NWFL and did my own shop hop. And look what all I got:

Batiks and more batiks. I have been collecting batiks for a short while but still have no plans for them, I just love the mix of colors.

And, so I can see them better, I refolded them and found a new home for them.

I also have a jelly roll of batiks but they are hanging where I can see them: I am thinking jacket but who knows.

The other fabric I purchased yesterday was the backing for “All That Jazz,” the black and white. I think I may use it for the binding, too, the orange is perfect.

When I got home yesterday I found that I had received got some wonderful blocks in the mail from Pat (A Little of This and a Little of Pat) but I can’t show them because I am planning to use them in a gift for someone who reads this blog. Sorry. I do plan to show them when the project is completed and the person has been gifted.

This morning I worked on an Eleanor Burns BOM block:

These are all appliquéd and ready to be cut up and sewn back together.

And now, since lunch is over, I guess I better get back to it. Tonight I am going out to dinner with DD, DSIL, and DGS to celebrate their 22nd wedding anniversary. Then we are going to the final dress rehearsal of the play, “Lying in State,” that DH is in. He will be doing three performances this weekend and, having already seen it, I will be home sewing up a storm. Yea for everyone!!


Pat said...

I collect batiks, too, and have no clue what I will do with them, but I really do want to decide soon. I enjoy looking at them....SO pretty! You got some nice fabrics on your N. FL shop hop! Good for you!!!

loulee said...

Yummy batiks, I'm collecting them too. I keep changing my mind about what i want to do with mine also!!
But I keep on buying them.

QuiltedSimple said...

Great fabrics! Have a great weekend!

Tonya's Sewing Room said...

How cute, I can't sew circles. Horrible at it.