Thursday, May 21, 2009


I don’t know how many of you have seen the Weight Watcher’s TV adds featuring “Hungry” but I get a kick out each and every one of them. So when they had Hungry for sale at my meeting, I had to have one (three). Although I don’t experience hunger very often, I find that Lifetime/Maintenance sets me up for falling back into old habits so I have renamed my Hungrys “Habit.” And where, do you ask, do my Habits live? Well, one is on the refrigerator, of course. But I also put one in the car.

He is there to remind me not to just swing through the drive through and mindlessly order junk food. He is also a reminder that I can eat anywhere, I just have to make good choices: I like that.

The third one resides in the quilting room in the studio.

Because I keep a refrigerator and microwave in there, he is there to remind me that I have quality snacks available for break times and don’t need to “graze” in the kitchen, especially to sooth my nerves when the quilting doesn’t go exactly right. He is also on the machine where I can see him and smile.

And now I need to get out of this chair, take a shower and get back to that quilt on the machine. I am so very close to being done…yea!!!!!

Besides, Habit is waiting.


QuiltedSimple said...

He is cute! And what a great reminder for you

Carrie said...

What a good idea to have him around. I would use one in my sewing room too!