Friday, August 21, 2009

Coming Up For Air

We got home from MD at 6am on Monday and the week has been filled with mundane things: laundry, napping, cleaning, napping, furniture moving, napping, company (DD & SIL) for dinner, more cleaning, napping, and finally a visit to the LQS for a BOM meeting today. I had done my block the day after last month’s meeting so I was ready.

It is a faux grandmother’s flower garden a’ la Eleanor Burns. We have now done 7 blocks and I am beginning to get an idea of how I want to set them. I think this may be a gift quilt as repro fabrics are not my cup of tea.

It has been raining every day for the last two weeks. I had ask my DD to water the hydrangeas while we were gone but she said that she never had to turn the water on. That has been the case this week, too. And today I was planning to dead head the rose bushes today but every time I started outside there was thunder, sometimes with rain. Anyway, look at my little hydrangea flower.

I am so excited although it is still the only one. And something is eating the leaves of the other plant so on Saturday I will be off to the nursery to see what can be done to protect my little plants. And look what else is growing in our yard.

Now, as much as I like eating mushrooms, I figure these humidity loving little stems would not be good for me. We only get them when there has been a combination of a lot of rain and humidity at the same time.

I did spend one morning this week in the studio and prepared two basket blocks for appliqué.

I am really enjoying doing these blocks but have no idea how I am going to set them or what fabric I will be using. I guess that’s what I like about how I do quilting, a never ending adventure.


pajudie said...

Hi Gari -
I love your grandmother's flower garden - but what is a faux one - is it printed on the cloth??? My friend, Nancy, and I have been doing some GFG's. She uses the paper hexagons and I'm using the mylar ones. It's a good take-along project when waiting in the dr's office, etc. I like your applique baskets, too. I've got two UFO applique projects - I try to work on them at night when I'm watching TV, but sometimes am too tired for that. You know how that goes!!! I'll finish them one of these days -

Wilma NC said...

Your basket blocks are so pretty. I saw that one but just didn't have enough time to do it. I'm saving the patterns though.

Kim said...

I am really enjoying the BUNNY HILL BOM you think there will be a place where we can see all the finished quilts?
I'm starting to think I might put my blocks in an attic window setting....but will wait to see what the pattern designer comes out with.
I'm using wool and cotton in the blocks.....great fun!

Happy Sewing

Zlaty said...

Hi Gari,

it's good to be back! Napping is good too!:)

I love your basket blocks! You did a great job!

Have a great weekend!


pollyanna said...

Welcome home :) And you have been busy since you arrived! I love the brightness of the greens and flowers in your yard. Nice photography :) And the delightful they are. Wallhanging possibility?