Thursday, August 13, 2009

Maryland Visit Post 2

Maryland can be a very tiring place. Yesterday, Wednesday, we were on our own as both DS#2 and DIL were at work. I spent the morning on the computer and after lunch we took off to explore. Our first stop was G Street Fabrics. I was really excited because it had been highly recommended. And it was impressive. They carry excellent clothing fabric, upholstery fabric and drapery fabric. Their quilting fabric was somewhat disappointing. There was a much smaller selection than I expected. However, the “button room” was impressive. I spent quite a long time looking at these.

Our next stop was an Antique Village in Kensington. This was several shops with a nice assortment of antiques. Some of the shops were closed so it didn’t take us too long to see everything. And then we started back to the house. Well, I had forgotten just one small thing. I hadn’t entered DS’s address in the GPS and didn’t have it written down. We tried to call DS but he was unavailable. Did you know that the greater DC area is quite large with streets that run in crooked directions? I was initially concerned that we would get lost but then I decided to try entering the street only and it took us right to where we wanted to go. I was really glad to see the house.

Today we went to an Amish market and bought pies, rolls, candy and a pretzel for lunch. (did I ever say I was with Weight Watchers?). Then we were on our way to Catholic University where DS has recently begun working. But, on our way we were treated to this.

They were in the middle of the street with about 10 police, three ambulances and other assorted emergency people. Of course we don’t know what happened but it was interesting.

Here are some pictures from CUA.

We did a walking tour of the university but since DS has only been there for 1.5 months he was not sure what each of the buildings were used for.

We did get to see the basilica, a beautiful cathedral,

as well as DS’s new office and the general administrative buildings.
CUA was founded in 1887 and this is the oldest building on campus. I guess we will have to come back to find out about the other buildings.

Our last stop for the day was IKEA.

I know that most people seem to know about IKEA but we don’t have one in AL so I had asked to go there. What fun! I saw several things I would love to have but since we are traveling in the Mustang, I just bought this.


Gina said...

Great photos. You sound like you really enjoyed yourself. You'd have had to drag me out of that button room

love and hugs Ginaxx

Kelly Ann said...

You were sort of close to me...I'm in Northern Virginia...Before your next trip drop me mail I'll send ya to some great quilt shops, if you can't get to mine you can get to some that are closer to DC.

Lurline said...

Wow, lots of fun - buttons or Ikea? - hard choice!
Hugs - Lurline♥

QuiltedSimple said...

Oh the buttons look like fun. Glad it's been a good trip

Michelle (Shell) May said...

G Street Fabrics!!! Lucky! Lucky! Lucky! Have always wanted to go there!
bunny hugs,