Friday, August 14, 2009

Maryland Visit Post 3

OK, so what do you do when you are getting older and yet want to see your children? You just forget about age and do whatever you want to do and then worry about aches and pains later. LOL

Today started a little slow. I was up early to read email but at about 9:15am, my son announced that we would be leaving in 15 min. Since I was still in my pajamas there was a quick dash to get dressed and cleaned up, and of course wake up the DH who was still sleeping. And off we went to have breakfast with our DIL’s parents. We met at an old diner where the food and conversation was great. This is DIL and her mother: don’t they look alike?

And here is DS and his father in law. Very nice people who have accepted our son: this I like.

We did do some “shopping” in a really cute shop but it was too crowded to take pictures. And, two things hit the floor while we were there so I was being very careful to not draw attention to myself.

After breakfast and good-byes, we headed for Annapolis where we shopped until we almost dropped. It has a quaint tourist/shopping area that has more unique gift shops that I usually see. This shop was filled with local artisans, all doing quality work.

My contribution to this cause was to buy these earrings.

And what’s this? Why, that’s DH in a cupcake shop. While I was looking at unique gardening supplies, the rest of the family trooped in to check out the cupcakes: yum!

Many more shops were sampled before we finally found ourselves at the harbor, right next to the Naval Academy. Here are the “boys” tagging along behind and here is DIL on her way to look for a hat: I was taking a break and sitting down.

And then we were at the water. Everyone sat down next to the water: some had more trouble getting down than others.

And we watched the boats going by

It was very peaceful there and I would have been willing to stay but up we got and we were off again. This time we were on our way to Cantler’s restaurant for Maryland crab. The kids got a dozen crabs.

And then DIL proceeded to teach DS how to eat crabs. This was really funny to watch.

DH and I had Maryland Crab Cakes which were out of this world: no pictures because I was too anxious to eat them to remember to snap. But I did get some shots of the view we had while eating on the deck.

Other related information: Today is DS#1’s birthday (Happy Birthday, Son) and today we arranged to meet DS#2 in Raleigh on Sunday where he will be attending a training event. We will drive down there Sunday afternoon and spend a couple of hours with him before going on to home. How about that, this really is a family vacation!
Tomorrow there is a whole new agenda so I better get some sleep. Nite!


Lurline said...

This all looks so wonderful - I don't think I need tell you, but anyhow, treasure your time together!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Gina said...

How wonderful. I could have sat there all day and watched the boats

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Pat said...

Glad you are having such a fun time. I don't see you mentioning Cottonseed Glory (a really nice quilt shop in Annapolis, so I assume you didn't go there...maybe next time). ALSO...slight "correction" were near the U.S. Naval Academy......usually just referred to as Annapolis....and NOT West Point, which is the army military academy and is in NY State. Have a safe trip homeward and a good time in NC, too.

True Blue Nana said...

Those young folks are keeping you busy but it sounds great. Is that the crab place where you eat on picnic tables outside? You make a huge mess but it is so good!

karenfae said...

that area is very pretty to visit isn't it. We were in that area awhile back but not on the last trip to Maryland in May.

quiltmom said...

Beautiful area - the boats are wonderful and wow- those crabs look like they were delicious.
You chose a beautiful pair of earrings- love the iridesence of them.
Enjoy the time at the sea- family time can't be beat.
Warmest regards,

pollyanna said...

What a wonderful time you are having! The company. The views. The food. And just doing things that are different and fun. Hope the aches and pains are okay once recovered!